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This is what writer‘s block feels like – a stack of papers which pile up in our brain and yet we are unable to make heads or tails of it all as it threatens presently to crash down upon us.  The paralysis and the frustration which ensues is unparalleled – knowing that there is an availability of ideas but not knowing which to pull out and use first or unable to even make sense of the incoherent jumble of ideas present in the archives of our minds.

It is during this point when it pays to seize the writing bug when it bites us and churn out a couple of posts in a frenzy – and stagger the release of the posts as suggested by The Daily Post (  There would really be some days where writing doesn’t flow quite easily.  Julia Cameron has also suggested in The Artist’s Way the use of the tool of the “Morning Pages” where one writes freely to empty one’s brain of all the words and thoughts jumbled up inside to make room for actual writing and/or creativity to flow.

Both these techniques have served me well to a certain extent – except that my “Morning Pages” are not actually done in the morning and they are not done as regularly as it has been prescribed.  I can imagine that if I had done it daily was recommended, that it would free up the clutter of my mind and reduce the so-called stacks of paper from threatening to heap upon me.

Another technique which has served me well when I am unable to write is to read books about writing and/or stories about writers and how they deal with the daily terror of the blank page.  However, it must be pointed out that reading tomes upon tomes of books about writing does not replace writing at all, even though reading the advice of writer’s about writing may feel that we are enveloped by the craft – it is almost too tempting to get lost in the illusion of it and not actually come out of the inspirational haze and plop ourselves down on our chairs and actually write.

Writing can only be accomplished by actually writing – by putting pen to paper, or by clicking away on the keyboard, or typewriter.  There is no other way.  Great and successful writers have managed to fully commit to writing – to write and churn out a certain word count a day for a certain number of hours whether they are in the mood or not.  For others who have not gotten to that point yet, it depends on one’s moods… and it has to be stressed that, when the mood strikes, we must seize the moment and squeeze out as many words as possible – to prepare for the period of drought to come.

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This blog entry is in response to the post asking “How’s your Post a Day/Post a Week progress coming along?”

I’m pleased to say that I have managed to post at least once a week – and at most every other day… which is all well and good since I have joined Post A Week 2011 instead of Post A Day 2011 which I originally wanted to join.

I check The Daily Post at site daily to check for writing prompts and inspirational posts which they have kindly provided and they have been a big help.

The weekly deadline is a commitment which prompts me to overcome my tendency for procrastination and the dreaded writer’s block.  I am pleased with what accomplished thus far and am looking forward to (hopefully) be able to come up with more posts further down the line.

I’ve chosen the image of ticking clocks to illustrate the sensation of meeting the blogging deadline – it feels as through several phantom ticking clocks surround me through out the week reminding me to come up with ideas for posts and furthermore to actually sit down and write.  It is both enjoyable and disconcerting at the same time.

Techniques which have supported me to be able to meet the challenge of posting weekly or more than once a week is having a notebook to jot down ideas for posts.  Again, we go back to the classic writer’s notebook – pen and paper at its best.

Many thanks to for the support and encouragement and to Plinky for the wonderful prompts!

Best of luck (and hard work)  to all of us participating in the Post A Day 2011 and Post A Week 2011 challenge!

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