I’ve recently updated the mobile WordPress app on my iPhone and I’m pleaded to say that it’s much smoother to use than the previous version. I just noticed the option available of being able to take photos or use existing photos and have yet to try it out.

I have been posting via my WordPress mobile app for most of the year, except for a few instances. I usually like to have photos accompanying my post but however had to forego it because it was inconvenient to use the previous version of the WordPress app to upload photos. We shall see how this current update of the app goes.

The user interface of this update is much more pleasant and the menu available is more comprehensive and more interactive than the previous version. I’m looking forward to more improvements on the WordPress mobile app because posting from my iPhone has grown on me whereas when my laptop died end of last year, I wasn’t excited about the prospect of posting from my mobile.

Now, it’s actually become more pleasant because of this updated version. Thank you WordPress for the new and improved version of the WordPress mobile app.

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