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It is not everyday that we encounter a kindred spirit in the deepest sense of the word–a soulmate in the truest sense of the word. I have to say “the truest sense” because the word soulmate, like the word love and sanity,  has been abused and bastardized to the point of it that it can mean almost anything anyone wants it to mean.

Based on all the literature and media representations of meeting a kindred spirit, an instant and magical indication is indicated in all it’s chick-flick glory.  While this sort of experience does undoubtedly exist, it does not exclude different experiences of recognizing a kindred soul… which might not be as dramatic as popularly depicted, but just as valid.  Time could gracefully bridge the meeting and the soul recognition.

The moment of recognition of a kindred spirit can be described as an unexpected sighting of a sudden beam of light in the dark with both the growing light and the dark surprising us in that it is not until we catch sight of the precious luminescence that we realize that we were in the dark all along–that the world which we had thought was bright and clear, until that point of recognition and contact, has been dim all along to the point of murkiness.

Yet, how many people are blessed with such an opportunity? I had long-lost hope of ever meeting a kindred spirit in this tenuous journey we call life, and it is at that point when a glimmer appears, and when it does, it captures your whole soul and it both encompasses and surpasses self-serving romantic love, and because of that it feels completely unreal–almost like a mirage. And perhaps it is… time will tell.

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We used to have to consult hefty tomes of Collier’s Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica, but now thanks to Wikipedia, it was much easier to call up the definition of our topic for the day “Soulmate.”

According to Wikipedia, a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility.  Note, it says “or”, and not “and”.

So despite all the wonderful movies giving homage to the romanticized version a Soulmate… the other less dramatic versions of soulmate falls by the wayside.  Our friends and family members can be our soulmate too.

And before we start thinking that there is a quota of “1” for the soulmate category, I would have to say that i do not believe that there is just one soulmate for each person.

We meet many soulmates in our lifetime and we need not be in despair that the soulmate factor should only apply to romantic relationships which by their very nature, tend to be fleeting.

Some people meet a few, one, or none of their soulmates (which can also be referred to as members of their “soul group”) in their lifetime. It’s always a blessing when we do find these kindred spirits in this chaotic and spotted path we call life.

To have these kindred spirits have an intuitive understanding of us and be on the same page makes life more bearable and infinitely more enjoyable.

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