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Just like that, someone can transform from a stranger to a friend, or even mean something more to us and as much as we would like to quantify or qualify the reasons for it being so, the reasons which we come up with do not suffice to describe or justify how we feel for the person.  It just happens like that, in the blink of an eye… and sometimes it disappears just as quickly as well.  It almost seems like a random divergence of possibilities and causes which result in what we feel or experience as true–without any guarantee of how long it may last or where the attraction may develop.

We proceed from leading our mundane lives to having an infatuation for a person whom we might previously have not known or cared whether they existed or not but now, we cannot get them out of our minds–and it happens just like that.  In such cases, we might feel confused as to how to act or react to our feelings and try to pinpoint which factors have contributed to the developing of romantic inclinations for a certain person and while there may be several points to consider, it might simply be a matter of chance, a passing fancy–or if it turns into something worthwhile, a matter of fate.

It’s hard to know what the ultimate outcome it from this side of the infatuation and yet the anticipation and hope fills us with excitement and we allow ourselves to be alternately elated and crushed in a rollercoaster of emotions in our interactions with the person based on whether they respond to our bids for attention.  Each non-reply to an SMS, a message, or an email, feels personal and monumental and calls to mind the popular book/saying that perhaps the person is “just not that into us.”  And most likely it might be true, but we cannot help but hope against hope that maybe, perhaps, just like that, they would also reciprocate our sentiments.

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ImageThis book contains a hefty amount of stories which fill our soul with wonder about the possibilities which are not immediately apparent and give us a sense that, as per the title, miracles indeed do happen.  I like the fact that this book contains a lot of stories–more than the average–and give us the Dr. Brian Weiss stories we enjoy learning and hearing about, I just wish that the format was more similar to his previous books instead of the current format which contains article type inserts in the form of letters from the readers.  I theoretically understand how having the letters of his readers/student/followers in the book would add a personal touch to it however, for some strange reason, I prefer it to be in the format where Dr. Weiss relates the stories to us from his point of view similar to Through Time into Healing or Many Lives, Many Masters.  This is, of course, just a matter of preference in terms of formatting and does not in any way detract from the content and substance of the book which I could barely put down.  I always enjoy books by Brian Weiss and look forward to more hefty volumes such as Miracles Happen which is filled with rich personal experiences and information.

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I started reading at a very early age but I’ve always underestimated the usefulness of bookmarks since I’ve always managed to find some sort of makeshift bookmark–a stray piece of cardboard or some spare receipt that I can insert to keep my place when I put a current book down either to do something else to to shift to another book which has another scrap piece of paper inserted to make the place where I left off the previous time.

It is now, a couple of decades into being a bookworm that I start appreciating that proper bookmarks do have their uses and sometimes a piece of scrap paper just doesn’t give the same satisfaction. So I guess it means that in the near future, when I visit my favorite bookshops or novelty stores, aside from perusing the bookshelves, I shall be looking at investing in proper bookmarks… and alas, whole new world opens up to me–the bona-fide bookworm.

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Christmas season officially starts in September here in Manila and when we were younger, it was pretty easy breezy–it was all about thinking about what we wanted or wished for as Christmas presents from our loved ones… However as time passes by, it becomes about thinking about what to give to our loved ones for Christmas and preparing both the budget and the gifts themselves and there is a certain satisfaction in being able to properly prepare our presents.

There are some Christmases when our minds seem to be all over the place and as much as we don’t want to admit it, we haphazardly prepare and purchase presents for our loved ones as well as what we can consider as “obligation gifts” for people whom we don’t want to give gifts to but we feel that if we don’t, it’s just not proper or there would be serious repercussions–emotional or otherwise.

There is a certain satisfaction when we are able to prepare gift wrappers, gift tags, as well as appropriate gifts–and know deep inside that they will appreciate what we have for them.  It’s a delicate balance where we consider what we would like to give as well as considering what the person’s interests and inclinations.  In addition, there is the anticipation to their reaction when they open their presents.

Here’s to Christmases when we feel that we have managed to appropriately prepare and package the presents we are to give to our loved ones.

Happy Holidays.

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Popular literature and culture promote shopping as a therapy–perhaps as a joke but perhaps because it’s also true in a sense that when we are stressed–shopping does make us feel better.

I am stressed but my shopping therapy did not include any clothes or shoes or any fashion items–it included a lot of books. I scoured three Book Sale branches here in the Metro to look for precious finds.

The first branch I visited yielded only one book, but the second and the third proved to be much better in terms of good finds.  The third branch of Book Sale most especially gave me a feeling of satisfaction which I can’t explain.

After all, it doesn’t mean that purchasing these books causes the issues which I have to deal with to go away, but somehow it served as both a welcome distraction and an exciting adventure which only an unread but interesting book provides.

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What do we do with the broken pieces of our relationships? Is there any chance of assembling them back together into something coherent or workable? I’ve recently had the excruciating experience of trying to work through issues with someone and it ended up pretty much the way it started–proverbially still shattered and in a thousand pieces, if not even worse.

I have a few guesses as to why the issues were not resolved–and it is not because they couldn’t be resolved, but it was because our own personal issues were in the way and we were not on the same page. On the surface, we both agreed that perhaps it was time to have “the talk” and try to work through or discuss what had been troubling us, but when it came down to it, one of us didn’t mean it and/or wasn’t ready to be honest about the issues or be on the same page.

When this happens, instead of kneeling down on the ground and helping each other pick up the pieces, we end up cutting ourselves when we are not careful or using one of the loose shards as either a destructive weapon or as an object for self-defense.  There were too many factors which contributed to the failure of the crucial and very difficult conversation–among which are pride, ego, dishonesty, a lack of trust and openness.

Whatever went wrong, the broken pieces still lie there without being swept up or tidied… and it is very painful to not be able to reach an agreement with someone about how to fix a relationship when someone is not ready to be upfront about crucial issues or even the premise of the discussion.  If the basis of the discussion is denied, then anything that ensues after that becomes moot.

So, here I am with the broken pieces and unsure of how to proceed. It can be said that we should recognize a lost cause when we see one, but on the other hand, it can also be said that perhaps with a little bit more discussion and determination, an agreement can be reached… Who knows, but perhaps when there is an impasse, it’s best to pause and regroup and see it how it goes before reentering the “discussion” as it were; lest it feel more like a battlefield.

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Page One Bookstore @ Times Square @ Hong Kong

I visited Page One Bookstore @ Times Square (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) today and browsed through their selection of English books and found a gem: How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D.

Boston Globe has hailed it “As gracefully written as Erich Fromm‘s classic The Art of Loving.” This is high praise indeed. I enjoyed The Art of Loving very much.

Though upon reading the first few pages of How to Love, I might actually say that this is even more gracefully written since the relevant content is conveyed in an updated conversational way without losing the essentials.

In the spirit of Dr. Livingston‘s international bestseller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, his humor shines through as he deftly handles what might be considered heavy topics in a light and skillful manner that it may not be too overwhelming while at the same time, ensuring that the message is not lost.

I have placed this blog post under the category of Book Previews instead of Book Reviews since I will be writing a separate entry when I’ve finished reading the book.

I am just so keen about this book that I wanted to blog about it upon flipping through the first few pages.  How to Love’s subtitle captures the nugget of wisdom perfectly “Choosing Well at Every Stage of Life.”

It would not be far-fetched to imagine that this book would soon be one of the classics in the category of relationship psychology.

Stay tuned for the review.

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Young Blood Concealer

A good concealer which matches one’s skin tone is a must in one’s cosmetic repertoire. There are many good concealers in the market and among them is the line of concealers by Young Blood.  I had the mistaken notion years ago that the concealer should be put prior to putting foundation…

I’m glad that I’ve eventually learned and adapted the correct way of applying the concealer which is after putting on the foundation, and if we were to use our fingers to apply instead of make-up brushes, the ideal method would be to lightly pat it on with the ring finger to avoid exerting too much pressure on delicate facial skin–and more especially the even more delicate under-eye skin.

I’m open to giving other cosmetic lines and products a try too but so far, I’m pretty satisfied with the Young Blood concealer.

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10. Jason Winston George


9. Jennifer Garner



8. Bradley Cooper


7. Tamara Taylor


6. Scott Michael Foster



5. Amber Stevens



4. Shemar Moore



3. India Varma


2. Daniel Sunjata


1. Dilshad Vadsaria


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So, we’ve finally gotten our lives together and our plans sorted out.  We’ve got goals and we’re taking the necessary steps to achieve them.  We think we finally know what we are doing and where we are going and how we shall go about it.

Then, loves comes into our life like a 100-pound bowling ball knocking the pins of our best laid plans over.  It’s a strike!

So then the mad scramble begins–we have to start retrieving the pins and putting them back in a row, while trying to figure out how to keep them in a row without being once again toppled over by the wonderful and unexpected gravitas of what we have actually been secretly praying for all along–which is none other than a little something called “L-O-V-E.”

Good luck!

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