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Samsung Champ is a champ in some ways but not in others. The design is lovely and it deceivingly looks like an Android or Smartphone but it’s not.  The battery life is wonderful and it can take quite a few calls and last a couple of days depending on usage before spouting out the dreaded low-battery notice.

However its inbox/outbox capacity is rather limited, and this is a big of a surprise to me since I had thought that a newer model like this would not have such limitations.  It ironically has a bigger capacity for contacts than SMS messages.  It boggles the mind why they would not be more generous with the inbox/outbox SMS message capacity since it’s rather important to many users.

In terms of going on the internet and Facebook, Samsung Champ can still be rather clumsy so I’m not too pleased on this front.  Poking on the touch screen with the stylus can also be rather awkward and inconvenient at times.

So, I would have to say that the best thing about Samsung Champ is the battery life since it can take a couple of hours of phone calls without flinching or dying on us, as many other phones are wont to do.

So, it’s a mixed review–yay for the awesome battery life and nay for the SMS inbox/outbox capacity.  For users like me who minds having to regularly erase important SMS messages just to allow for the new ones coming in, it is certainly more than a little inconvenient.  The clumsiness with accessing Facebook or surfing the internet is not very impressive either.

However, for people who are looking for just a down-to-earth basic phone to call and text without needing all the other fancy applications or a huge inbox/outbox, this will do.

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I’ve come across the Origins Lip Remedy wand and found that it was effective in dealing with chapped lips.

It pays to keep in mind that since cracked lips are not flattering, it would be useful to apply this lip remedy regularly to heal chapped lips, to maintain moisture and smoothness a good while before applying lip conditioner and subsequently lip color.

However, if we would like to apply lip color immediately, the lip remedy which is white in color should not be applied first since it would influence the shade of the lipstick.  In this case, a good quality lip base or lip conditioner would do in a pinch before applying lip color.

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