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No one can argue that it would be great to be wealthy.  Having money certainly makes many facets of life more convenient but there is a fine line between owning money and letting money own you.  We must always keep ourselves in check whenever we succeed because there is a higher risk of losing our path when we succeed than when we fail.

When we fail, we are all too aware of the stark realities and perhaps we might tend to lose hope but nothing is as dangerous as getting the wealth, power, or fame which many aspire for.  There is a saying which goes “Be careful what you wish for.  You might actually get it.” It’s certainly ironic but there is always a certain ring of truth with ironies and it can be said about money, fame, and power which are not intrinsically negative but has a higher tendency of causing us to deluded or lose touch with ourselves or where we began, and this is where we end up losing our way and before we know it, we have lost our souls.

Losing ours souls doesn’t come in one fell swoop, it’s a gradual process of adjusting our moral and ethical boundaries for “just a little bit more” until the boundaries blur and actually disappear and we transform into something which we have never imagined ourselves turning out to be when we were starting out.  We might actually become one of those people whom we despise when we were on the outside looking in… This is where the victims turn into the perpetrators, more often than not.

We must then ask ourselves–is all the worldly gain we wish for worth the price of our humanity?


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This is a response to Topic#140 as posted at which goes, “Would you ever consider running for president?”

No, I would not run for president because politics almost always requires having no privacy and is often more trouble than its worth as per my personality.  It does not go to show that it would be more trouble than its worth for people who are more sociable, extroverted, or have inclinations to wield power over people and situations. It just goes to show that not all people want to be leaders, presidents, or heads of state.

There are people just like myself who would prefer to live a quiet and private life pursuing more spiritual or personal goals.  Again, this is not to say that running for president is not a good idea for other people.  If everyone did not want to run for president, it would also be chaos; while at the same time if everyone did want to run for president, it would be a catastrophe too in another manner.

Yay for diversity and tolerance!  It’s different strokes for different folks indeed.

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