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Have we become so jaded that we approach love as a form of power play?  We gauge each move and see whether the other person responds and we weigh our next move accordingly and see whether it would secure us the leverage we wish to prevail in the game? This form of approach is already dubious even outside the realm of romance, because the crafty shrewdness undermines honestly, honour, integrity, and what more, the highest of all virtues, love.

We are so uncomfortable at losing power or control over any situation that if we so much as express more emotion than the other and it is not reciprocated, we feel that we have not made the ‘right’ moves and it confers power upon the other over us.  Perhaps, in a manner of speaking, this is true.  At a base level, a love relationship is not immune to politics and plays for dominance, but this sort of approach demeans what it truly means to be in love with someone.

How averse are we to being hurt that we are willing to protect ourselves at any cost–even from ourselves or from someone else who may break down our walls and love us? There is nothing wrong with loving another, what causes us pain is the expectation that the love would be requited and it need not be. Yes it would be all the lovelier if the love was reciprocated, but it need not be.

We are capable of truly loving all by our lonesome, as sad as it might be.  We may only hope but we may not expect that the other be able to or should be capable of loving us back in the same manner or with the same intensity.  When we love, we must remember that it should be with no strings attached, otherwise, it detracts from the essence of love which gives freely without expecting another in return–though perhaps hoping for reciprocation.

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It is not everyday that we encounter a kindred spirit in the deepest sense of the word–a soulmate in the truest sense of the word. I have to say “the truest sense” because the word soulmate, like the word love and sanity,  has been abused and bastardized to the point of it that it can mean almost anything anyone wants it to mean.

Based on all the literature and media representations of meeting a kindred spirit, an instant and magical indication is indicated in all it’s chick-flick glory.  While this sort of experience does undoubtedly exist, it does not exclude different experiences of recognizing a kindred soul… which might not be as dramatic as popularly depicted, but just as valid.  Time could gracefully bridge the meeting and the soul recognition.

The moment of recognition of a kindred spirit can be described as an unexpected sighting of a sudden beam of light in the dark with both the growing light and the dark surprising us in that it is not until we catch sight of the precious luminescence that we realize that we were in the dark all along–that the world which we had thought was bright and clear, until that point of recognition and contact, has been dim all along to the point of murkiness.

Yet, how many people are blessed with such an opportunity? I had long-lost hope of ever meeting a kindred spirit in this tenuous journey we call life, and it is at that point when a glimmer appears, and when it does, it captures your whole soul and it both encompasses and surpasses self-serving romantic love, and because of that it feels completely unreal–almost like a mirage. And perhaps it is… time will tell.

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Here’s another winner, folks!  Just what the doctor ordered… Better Love Next Time by JM Kearns is a fun, interesting, and moreover, relevant, read. There are a lot of books about falling in love and recovering from break-ups, but this one encompasses both and acknowledges the detrimental effects past relationships have on us which may cause us to mess up future relationships.

Better Love Next Time deals with the intricacies of infatuation, compatibility, and how to get out of our own way. Everyone who has loved and been hurt or have had a painful relationship in the past and yet wants to give love a go will find a wealth of knowledge in these pages.

However, reading and applying the knowledge are altogether two different things… we would have a lot to gain if we were to be honest with ourselves, not engage in any form of denial, and have the determination to apply the necessary remedy to our love life and romantic decisions.

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So, we’ve finally gotten over ourselves (or perhaps someone else) and reckon that it’s time to look for love. Perhaps, we’ve finally gotten our ducks in a row or got sick of waiting for our ducks to get in a row–or something of the sort.  The point is, we’re sick and tired of waiting around for love, and finally we announce our intent to the universe, “I’m now ready for love!”

The Universe will respond–oh yes it will.  And it will tell us, “Seek and you shall find.” (Or some sort of similar nonsense.) And we start looking–high and low, near and far, here and there… And eventually, we find out that… Love hides in the strangest places!  Oh, yes it does. It will be unexpectedly expected or expectedly unexpected. Nevertheless, it will surprise us… sometimes, we don’t realize it until we are so far in to even get out safely.

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A Possible Logo for Love 101?

So we’ve survived studying languages, maths, and sciences, and even after the arduous efforts of completing our studies, we find ourselves completely lost about love and emotions in real life. How about if a subject called Love 101 was taught alongside all the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

If “Love 101” doesn’t suffice as the title, perhaps “Emotional health 101″ can be considered as an umbrella course which would encompass “Love 101”? (As our topic for today is “Love 101”, I will endeavor not to digress to much into the macro topic of Emotional Health–let’s leave that for another time, shall we?)

Now, what would this course include? As an introduction, as with any product or equipment which we purchase and/or any machine we operate, there should be a legal clause which protects one from breaking one’s heart and incapacitating one’s mind as we are warned about protecting our limbs or any other various body parts from being torn or otherwise damaged.

Caution: Heart Fracture/Damage Possible

If children’s toys now carry some warning or another about the hazards which it might cause if not used properly, how come we had to learn about similar cautions to our heart the hard way? If only they had taught us all these in school at an early age, with continued education as we progressed from K-12 then wouldn’t we feel far more prepared?

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Note: This is the first in a series of Love 101 blog entries… Stay tuned!

Finding Love

If only finding love were as easy as illustrated in the photo above, wouldn’t it be wonderful? We could just focus on the page and gradually we’d be able to find L-O-V-E and get a red marker and capture it. We’ve always been taught that there is a way to achieve what we want through concentrated effort–if only it applied to the ever elusive “amore.”

A Push of a Button

If only it were this easy–that was just push a button and we’d be able to find love… I’m not contesting that there are many methods for finding love… I’m contesting the assumption that love can ever be found.  Again, back to the first paragraph where I state (in so many words) that love is not a product of mere focus or concentrated effort.

If only it were that easy –then people would have found true love left, right, and center… for there certainly is no lack of people who are seeking it.  However, seeking for something does not automatically entail finding it. As much as we would like to think that we have control over a lot of things–it certainly does not apply to love.  True love does not appear as a result of merely desiring it or applying effort to look for it.

Love Appears Unexpectedly

Love cannot be found… instead, it finds us.  That is the irony of the situation, we keep on looking and searching for it and it eludes us… It comes when it does and it does the finding/seeking.  Love finds us.  We do not find it–as much as we would like to think so and take the credit for it.  Perhaps, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let this happy accident chance upon us.

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I have to admit that I read The Daily Post @ almost daily to see what new Plinky prompts or other interesting topics which they have posted. I like this topic and I couldn’t come up with a better title other than the actual prompt itself:

What part of life confuses you the most?

It would be all too easy, and a bit lazy and misleading, just to say that “Everything” in life confuses me. . . because not everything in life confuses me anymore.

I’d like to think that I’ve got a good grasp of at least a few things or even a better idea of a few other things. However, what confuses me the most is something so basic and yet so paradoxical, and that is: L-O-V-E. . .romantic love to be specific .

Love and relationships confuse me the most because they are not logical. . . and as much as there are some occasions when human beings have proven themselves to be logical, they soon lose all their credibility for being logical as soon as they step into the realm of romantic relationships because nothing is more illogical than two beings involved in a so-called romantic relationship.

Once we step into the embraces of romance, we find that we tend to mysteriously misplace our good sense and rationality. . . and the situation we find ourselves in is an unpredictable free for all where the chips fall as they may–in other words, we seem to lose control over many of our faculties and have no idea what will happen next.

All we end up having is this intense hope that everything would turn out well but every day unfolds in uncertainty and we just have to live with it–for as we know now, words are just words and promises can hardly be used as a bond to hold someone with us against their will.

So once we step in the melee of love we are all hope and fear glued together by faith that it will all work out and that it won’t be some sort of cruel joke that the universe plays upon us.

Once we step into the uncertainty, we find that the only way we can go on without disengaging from it is through trust . . . that all will unfold as it should. And it is confusing and frightening to put our faith and trust into something so intangible and uncertain.

If only it were that easily to logically extricate ourselves from such a situation, then we’d be safe, but we’ll be missing out on one of the best gifts of life. We can only hope that the risk is worth the reward.

However, if only love came with a fail-safe manual and a guarantee, life would be easier, wouldn’t it? Here’s to wishing . . .

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A lot of time and effort has been expended wondering about the nature of love and the reasons for love – and there are as many explanations are there are blades of grass in a field.  They are myriad and inconclusive.

Each definition carries a grain of truth – but not the whole truth and it depends on the people involved and the nature of their experiences.

All this would go to show that there is no good reason for falling in love – people just do.  People fall in love for all sorts of reasons which they are unable to comprehend or make sense of.

Falling in love is irrational and should be recognized as such since at times – there are a million good reasons for falling in love and yet we don’t; while during other times, there are no good reasons present for falling in love with someone and yet we find ourselves swimming in love’s embrace without knowing quite how or why.

Love is illogical and it just happens.  When it finds us, we have no choice but to either surrender to it – or resist with all our might… only to succumb to it in the end.

Happy Heart’s Day!

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It’s you and me

You and me again

If you don’t believe

Close your eyes

Close your eyes

And count to ten

Now and then,

It’s now not then

If you care at all

Open your eyes

Open your eyes

And break my fall

(c) Niconica 2010

I would have to admit that when I started this blog back in March, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Initially it was a way to indulge in my love of writing and share my thoughts.  In the course of the past few months, I’ve ventured from writing articles (which are meant to be thought-provoking at the very least, and at best, inspirational) to trying my hand at writing reviews, sharing funny photos of my pet dog, to sharing my newfound interest in cake decorating.

It occurs to me that a monthly summary is a good idea and would like to make it a regular occurrence.  In this instance, I shall include March and April blog entries.

March 2010

“Wanted: Perfection”

“Time for Miracles”

“True Fear”

“The Perfect Storm”


“The Real Mask”


“Uncharted Territory”

“Simple and Ordinary Moments”

“Wanted: Perfection” is about how we sell ourselves out in our quest for perfection.  “Time for Miracles” is about allowing miracles to happen in our lives.  “True Fear” challenges us to face our fears.  “The Perfect Storm” shares that there is a silver lining in destruction.  “Blessings” invites us to contemplate on the interchangeable nature of blessings and curses.  “The Real Mask” provokes us to face our true selves.  “Gravity” inspires us to live to the fullest, while “Uncharted Territory” evokes us to take more chances.  “Simple and Ordinary Moments” encourages us to cherish the simplicity of ordinary moments.

April 2010

“Poem 172”

“Poem 182”

“Leaving the Darkness”


“Poem 172” and “Poem 182” are both about love.  “Leaving the Darkness” is about letting go of negativity. “Memories” inspire us to deal with memories in a healthy manner.

July 2010

“The Clean Slate”

“It’s a NOYNOY State of Mind”

“Dainty and Sweet”

“Turquoise Delight”

“A Sojourn to District 9”

“As Sweet as Fine Wine”

“Out of the Delectable Blue”

“A Slice of Rainbow”

“Vibrant Green Blessings”

“Pretty in Pink”

“Sentimental Sweetness”

“Roses are Red”

“Potato Alert”

“Violets and Blues”

“Subdued Sweetness”

“The Kindle Book Parade is in Town”

“Aqua Sweetness”


“The Clean Slate” discusses being able to start anew while “A Sojourn to District 9” is a movie review on District 9.  “The Kindle Book Parade is in Town” relates my experience of reading Kindle books on my iPod.  “Potato Alert” contains funny photos of my pet dog holding a potato hostage and the rest of the other entries have photos of my cake decorating projects.

Stay tuned for more articles, reviews, poetry, and photos!

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