Sometimes when we have had this conversation a million times and it’s to imagine how more words can improve upon it There comes a time when there is nothing more to say and more words will just aggravate the situation. ┬áIt’s ironic because silence then becomes a pregnant pause where there are too many things to say that nothing comes out of our mouths anymore.

There is a threshold to all the arguments, discussions, and debates when all words dry up and nothing suffices but no words come out of our mouths, not because there is nothing to really say but because all the words are jumbled up in our gut causing a very uncomfortable feeling reminiscent of indigestion and/or hyperacidity and in the midst of all that, the words are unable to find their way out of our mouths.

So sometimes, when all words fail, silence will or should suffice in the meantime, until the next time the right words or circumstances or timing finds us again.

(c) Niconica 2011*

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