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It is all too temping to think that we may carry on with being cavalier with the feelings of others with impunity because there will come a certain time when it may catch up with us and it will be too late. Without appreciating the perspective of the other side, there are some people who see fit to use people for their own pleasure and gratification without a full appreciation of the other as a human being and it will be to their eventual detriment, in terms of karma as well as their own moral degradation.

Every time we act in a dishonourable manner, we chip away at our moral fibre and before we know it.  There will be none left to speak of and it would almost be a far cry to consider ourselves as human beings worthy of respect. It may be all too enjoyable to use people like they are objects and discard them once something newer catches our eye but it would simply be a waste of a perfectly good karmic account since there is no action that is immune to the laws of cause and effect.

When we hurt another due to our self-interest and for our own benefit, we must not be surprised when what goes around eventually does come around.  By that time, it may be too late to rectify the wrongs which have been committed.  It behooves us to consider that every time we do a hurtful act, we are harming ourselves as well as the other.  When it comes down to it, is the eventual damage and fallout even worth it?

(c) Niconica 2013


In this day and age, we are so obsessed with labels and we collect educational attainments and awards to improve or maintain our social status.  Having an education now is not as exceptional as it was during the pre-war and post-war years, it is expected.  It used to be that being able to read or having a college degree was proof enough that one was ‘educated’ and being able to travel meant that one was ‘cultured’ but this is no longer the case now when educational degrees are abound left, right, and centre.

The proof of being a truly ‘educated’ or ‘refined’ person is no longer one’s diplomas and awards, nor one’s material net worth, but instead, through one’s integrity, character, moral compass, and conscientiousness.  We cannot cavalierly judge people as being ‘educated’ or ‘uneducated’ through credentials printed on paper because these credentials are commonplace, expected, and perhaps may even be a dime a dozen–to exaggerate a bit.  We can only judge whether a person is refined upon interaction.

It has been said that the phrase the proof is in the pudding means “to fully test something, you need to experience it yourself.” And no longer are self-proclamations of one’s own might, skills, and virtues sufficient or acceptable and nor should they be.  The true worth of a person is not and should not be based on external qualities in and of itself but through something more substantial such as the virtues they hold and their kindness–and we can only fully know this when we have experienced or interacted with them.

Let us not be blinded by external trappings of wealth, fame, or education, but instead seek to look deeper into what is worth more.  The inner treasure of human virtues of honesty, integrity, sincerity, kindness, compassion, and generosity shine far brighter, last far longer, and matter more.

(c) Niconica 2013