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I’ve come across the Origins Lip Remedy wand and found that it was effective in dealing with chapped lips.

It pays to keep in mind that since cracked lips are not flattering, it would be useful to apply this lip remedy regularly to heal chapped lips, to maintain moisture and smoothness a good while before applying lip conditioner and subsequently lip color.

However, if we would like to apply lip color immediately, the lip remedy which is white in color should not be applied first since it would influence the shade of the lipstick.  In this case, a good quality lip base or lip conditioner would do in a pinch before applying lip color.

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I’m not a make-up expert nor a make-up artist.  I approach make-up in a very simple and straightforward manner: whatever works with minimal hassle (and skill) is great… which is why when I came upon Shu Uemura‘s UV Underbase SPF 30 PA+++ I was thrilled.

I was rather baffled as to what a underbase was but found out that it’s an awesome make-up primer which smooths the “canvas” so to speak before we put in the base paints (read as: foundation).

I was pleased to find out that it can also stand on its own for oil control and provide a sheer cover to even out the skin tone… so it’s definitely good news for people who just want a more even skin tone without needing to further apply make-up.  Although in this case, patting powder on after the underbase would be an option.

For someone like me who has rudimentary make-up skills, this was a blessing.  Putting on the underbase before applying the foundation works wonders; this way less effort and less layers of foundation would be required.

I also found out that it happens to be available in two tones: pink for people with pinker or lighter skin tone, and beige for people with tan complexion.

It must be said that even if it specifies a SPF30 sun protection – I wouldn’t recommend foregoing additional or actual sunscreen or sunblock.

Upon further research I found that Mr. Shu Uemura created this underbase as “a make-up as light and as transparent as the air.”  And, it is so.

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