This blog entry is in response to the post asking “How’s your Post a Day/Post a Week progress coming along?”

I’m pleased to say that I have managed to post at least once a week – and at most every other day… which is all well and good since I have joined Post A Week 2011 instead of Post A Day 2011 which I originally wanted to join.

I check The Daily Post at site daily to check for writing prompts and inspirational posts which they have kindly provided and they have been a big help.

The weekly deadline is a commitment which prompts me to overcome my tendency for procrastination and the dreaded writer’s block.  I am pleased with what accomplished thus far and am looking forward to (hopefully) be able to come up with more posts further down the line.

I’ve chosen the image of ticking clocks to illustrate the sensation of meeting the blogging deadline – it feels as through several phantom ticking clocks surround me through out the week reminding me to come up with ideas for posts and furthermore to actually sit down and write.  It is both enjoyable and disconcerting at the same time.

Techniques which have supported me to be able to meet the challenge of posting weekly or more than once a week is having a notebook to jot down ideas for posts.  Again, we go back to the classic writer’s notebook – pen and paper at its best.

Many thanks to for the support and encouragement and to Plinky for the wonderful prompts!

Best of luck (and hard work)  to all of us participating in the Post A Day 2011 and Post A Week 2011 challenge!

(c) Niconica 2011*

*does not apply to the image