Now that the holidays are over, it would not be surprising that we would all have some extra pounds waiting to be shed. There are a few ways to deal with it, but again, it would involve some sacrifice.

Nope, there’s no miracle method here – unfortunately.  I’m sure we would all appreciate quick fixes with no negative side effects.

1.  I suppose EXERCISE should but at the top of the list.  I’m not a big fan of it but it does deserve a position in the list – so I might as well get it over and done with.  It has to be said that exercise only works if it’s done regularly and not in infrequent but intense bouts – in which it would only cause one to possibly lose weight but eventually gain back the weight or more.

It can be said that at least 30 minutes of concentrated yoga, brisk walking, jogging, or (gulp) running/cycling might do the trick – if we do get around to it.  It doesn’t need to be said that the going to the gym and properly exercising (and not just ogling people) might do the trick too.

2.  Another method with dealing with holiday weight – and preventing the gain of additional pounds – might be TO LIMIT CARB INTAKE.  Instead of having unlimited rice, fries/chips, potato, and/or bred to accompany one’s meal… it might be a good idea to limit oneself to just 1 cup of rice, 1 scoop of fries/chips, 1 pc. of bread, or 1 serving of potato or pasta during each meal.

Fruits & Vegetables

3.  This doesn’t mean limiting oneself to just one serving of everything else on your plate during meals though. MORE FRUITS would be good too, but within a reasonable quantity to prevent heightened levels of blood sugar for people with diabetes.  UNLIMITED VEGETABLES, including tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, peas, string beans, among other options (and this does not include potatoes, cassava, taro, and other carb-filled root crops) would be a great idea – unless the said vegetables were deep-fried and/or battered – then it would be a different issue altogether since this would fall under the vetoed food list.

4. HIGHER PROTEIN INTAKE (with the exception of oily and fried food) would be able to compensate for the limited carbohydrate intake.  In other words, more meat, fish, and soy would be commendable.

5.  Implementing a DEEP-FRIED FOOD AND JUNK FOOD QUOTA to once a month (ideally) or once every fortnight (if once a month sounds too cruel) would allow fried food junkies their monthly or fortnightly fix without going out of bounds.

This doesn’t mean completely giving up weekly KFC, McDonald’s and Jollibee indulgences or any version of home cooked deep-fried treats including fried chicken, battered shrimp and squid or the very tasty Cheetos and Ruffles, it just means that we get our “treats” for good behavior every two weeks to a month.

It must be reiterated that the quantity of fried food consumed during the bi-weekly or monthly reprieve should be in a reasonable quantity (one serving) which means consuming a whole bucket of fried chicken would be unacceptable for our purposes.

6.  A lot of people might not be keen to hear this but a SODA, FIZZY DRINK, AND SWEET BEVERAGE QUOTA might be called for too since the sugar in the fizzy drinks are notorious for elevating blood sugar and also causing weight gain.

7. CHOCOLATE, SUGAR AND SWEETS QUOTA – Yes, you heard me right – cut down on the chocolate, sugar, candies, or other forms of sweets.  If one eats it indiscriminate quantities all throughout the week – it might be good to cut it down to half the quantity and frequency then eventually a quarter of the quantity and frequency – down to just once a month, as much as is possible.

8. DRINK A LOT OF WATER – yes pure H20 does wonders to our body – and it’s cheaper too than loading up on the sugar-filled beverages we all love and enjoy so much.  Water also cleanses, purifies, and aids in flushing out excess toxins in our body.

So,yes, folks, here are the eight suggestions for dealing with weight gain – from the holidays or otherwise.  I would be first to admit that these are easier said than done – and if it’s too much to take immediately then perhaps picking a few steps to ease oneself into the process of living healthier would be an option too.


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