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Popular literature and culture promote shopping as a therapy–perhaps as a joke but perhaps because it’s also true in a sense that when we are stressed–shopping does make us feel better.

I am stressed but my shopping therapy did not include any clothes or shoes or any fashion items–it included a lot of books. I scoured three Book Sale branches here in the Metro to look for precious finds.

The first branch I visited yielded only one book, but the second and the third proved to be much better in terms of good finds.  The third branch of Book Sale most especially gave me a feeling of satisfaction which I can’t explain.

After all, it doesn’t mean that purchasing these books causes the issues which I have to deal with to go away, but somehow it served as both a welcome distraction and an exciting adventure which only an unread but interesting book provides.

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These colors seem reminiscent of the late 1960s and the early 1970s… It was all about breaking out of the mold and trying out new things.  It was about breaking the rules and  changing the rules.  What seems so vintage now was revolutionary back then.

I thought that I’d use two colors which may seem to clash – or belong together in a psychedelic print – and bring them together in one cake.  I can almost imagine these colors together in printed fabric or individually as polyester jersey dresses.

This was, of course, way back when polyester was celebrated and not viewed as a potential environment hazard as it is now.  Ah, how times change… Now, it’s inspiringly about “Going Green” and caring about Mother Earth.

Hopefully, further down the road, there will be more evolved and enlightened practices which would permeate global consciousness. However, I digress.

Happy viewing!

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