I like this topic.  Topic #157 from http://thedailypost.wordpress.com goes like this… Since it’s a series of prompts/question, I’ll put it in Q & A format just to make it interesting.

Describe the first person who broke your heart.

He was in many ways very compatible with me and it was, by teenage standards, a relatively good relationship in the sense that there were few major fights or misunderstandings.  It would have lasted, perhaps, had the timing been better because first major relationships while probably being the most meaningful, rarely last a lifetime–though it would have to be said that his philandering was the ultimate deal breaker for me.

If you could take revenge on them now, would you? 

No, I wouldn’t take revenge since it seems that his current situation in life is enough revenge on him, add to the fact that his philandering temperament would be his own worst curse, since he would be doomed to constantly feel discontent with his current partner, and this might imaginably cause quite a few ups and downs in his relationship.  He is, fortunately and unfortunately, his own worst revenge on himself.

Did you ever think about it [revenge]?

Yes of course, during the fraught years after being cheated on, fantasizing about revenge in many forms–twinned with the contradicting inclination and fervent wish of getting back together with him–was almost necessary to deal with the pain of the betrayal.

It is fortunate that I did not actually indulge in any of these vengeful thoughts, and that time serves as a soothing balm for almost all things.  I actually did get around to forgiving him, and it was good closure to actually be able to talk to him and tell him that I did forgive him and that I’m letting all the emotional baggage go now.

What would you say to them now if you met them on the street?

I’d say, “Hey, how are you?” and proceed to catch up with him since we haven’t spoken in a very long time.  It would be very much like meeting an old friend, which many ways, he is.

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