It is a pity that Jane Austen was not aware of the mesmerizing effect her novels would have on generations of women in the future.  She writes about love, courtship, and social graces where the men exist in the novels as objects of romantic affection as well as the pursuers in matters of the heart – the perfect “modern” fairy tale.

I use “modern” here as a phrase relative to the usual setting of fairy tales which would probably be more at home in the medieval  age of chivalry.  Of course, compared to our early 21st century era – Jane Austen’s period would not be considered modern anymore.

Even if we do not admit it out loud, in our heart of hearts we would like to imagine men to be as they are in Jane Austen’s books – which portrays their roles and existence from the feminine perspective.

Why our minds more easily get caught up in the ideas of love and romance is a source of both delight and disappointment to us.  (But, I digress.)

Back to the topic, Jane Austen is simply a genius–she is the writer’s writer of her genre–her observations of the nuances and subtleties of human behavior pours into the story, characters, and pages smoothly… and we laugh, cry, and get annoyed the lead characters as they experience the story unfolding around them – and almost wish that we were part of that world.

She writes about love and courtship so gracefully that it seems as though she has been out there and experienced it all.  However, the question would have to be raised that had she been out there experiencing it all, she might not have found the time to put pen to paper and entrance us with her novels.

Her keen insights into love, courtship, romance, and marriage are exquisite… and it is evident in her novels. Her novels serve as a commentary on human nature –their frailties and foibles–which, despite ongoing advancements in science and technology, remain pleasantly and disappointingly similar.

Her characters are poignant, memorable, infuriating, and delightful… one cannot help but wish that she had lived to write more of her masterpieces.

In our hearts and in our minds, we proclaim, “Long Live  Jane Austen!”  Thank you for teaching us about the joys and pitfalls of love and romance, among many other things.

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