Let’s all admit it, as much as we look forward to the Christmas Holidays and everything it’s supposed to represent to us–good tidings and cheer and what not… We have to also deal with the other things it represents to us such as having to deal with finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones, and finding the appropriate obligation gifts for people we don’t really like but have to give gifts to.

It’s the time of the year when relatives or even friends who are not speaking to each other or actively avoiding each other might possibly bump into each other in gatherings and have to endure each other–at best it will be awkward and at worst it would be excruciating.

There’s also the pressure of being the epitome of happy and joyful during the Christmas season, which presents quite a challenge for some of us who aren’t particularly having a good year or season thus far or even for some of us who are just naturally dour and melancholic.

It can also be that for even normally cheery people, the pressure to be constantly jolly and giving all the time would lead to tolerating more stress and difficult people and circumstances than usual and thus turning oneself into a scowling sack of potatoes.

Sometimes it’s unrealistic to expect that just because it is that time of the year to be happy and jolly that we should be so because putting undue pressure on ourselves would just lead to further stress and with all the factors swirling around in the cosmos–maybe even a meltdown.

Maybe it’s time to consider Christmas Anxiety Syndrome and be kinder to ourselves and others during this hectic time.

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