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I don’t know why I always have some skepticism for the bestseller lists, perhaps it’s my natural penchant for going against the grain, so books that have “More than one million copies sold” on their covers don’t really catch my interest that much.  However, being in convalescence, The E-Myth Revisited (Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It) by Michael E. Gerber was lent to me and when I had to stay away from fiddling with my smartphone and chatting with friends, I finished reading this book and I would have to say that it makes a lot of sense.

Perhaps if I hadn’t gone through the failure and subsequent of our small business this year I would not have appreciated the book as much since it seemed to be common sense and sound theory at best but having gone through the actual experience of starting a business and it not working out, I would have to say that the author Michael E Gerber shared nuggets of wisdom which I wish we would have known before even starting the business.  However, we cannot turn back time even if we wish to cry over spilt milk.

It is in this light that I wish to share that anyone who wishes to start a business with their talents and hard-earned money would benefit from reading this book as a primer even before starting out.  The instinctive mistakes many neophyte business owners commit are discussed in the book.  Most of the time when we start a business, we tend to be over-optimistic and let our dreams of success carry us away, and Gerber shares how we can fine tune our perspective and approach towards the business.

A must-read!

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Before Young Adult literature was filled with stories about vampires, werewolves, and fairies, there was the Sweet Valley series and I am one among many in a whole generation of women who grew up with the Wakefield Twins and their friends.

Jessica and Elizabeth are practically our old friends and encountering Sweet Valley Confidential was definitely a very pleasant surprise.  It’s like running across some very old and dear friends and catching up with them ten years later to see how things have gone.

I am definitely very pleased that Francine Pascal decided to write Sweet Valley confidential.  I had been addicted to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins books for years as I was growing up and I would actually consider them to be an integral part of my childhood–along with the Nancy Drew series.

Reading Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams and Nancy Drew books is practically a right of passage.  I read Sweet Valley Confidential with nostalgia–and in one sitting.  I could not put the book down and savored every single word and delighted in the experience of coming in touch once again with a part of my youth.

I have to admit I was not too much of a fan of the Sweet Valley TV series–it did not seem to do justice to the scope and depth of the books.  However, after reading Sweet Valley Confidential–it makes me wonder whether a TV series might be a good idea but only after a Sweet Valley Confidential movie is shown to launch it–reintroduce it to the younger generation so to speak, and delighting longtime fans like myself.

The plot is not complicated… Sweet Valley Confidential reads more like a series of vignettes which takes us into 10 years into the future from where we left off over a decade ago.

It could have been more poignant, more complicated and more heart-wrenching (and longer) to appeal to now adult fans, but as it is, it shows the signature sweetness of Sweet Valley which we know and love.

A nostalgic treat.

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When I came across this book, the cover called to me as though it was some top-secret manual from the future, and I was not disappointed. The Faith Popcorn Eve-olution book about the 8 truths of marketing to women really paints a different picture from the norm and it’s definitely, as my title goes, something to think about.

Connecting to the women clients and connecting them to each other is brought up as a way to encourage community.  For a woman, the truths brought forth in the book rings intuitively in our souls and it’s good to finally have a book such as Faith Popcorn Eve-olution validate our natural leanings towards connecting and community by merging business with personal matters.

If you’re interested in women’s studies or marketing to women, this book can be quite handy as it provides wonderful insights into how women think and what are the factors which should be considered when addressing them as clients.

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There are so many books about how to act or what to do to acquire or keep a relationship, but what these books fail to instruct us is that all the techniques are in vain if we fail to choose the right person to love.

How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D. is a veritable treasure and treatise on identifying the wheat from the chaff and this wisdom may be applied not only to selecting one’s romantic interests but also ones’ friends since as he points out, whom we choose to surround ourselves with is indeed relevant to our well-being.

In his conversational and easy to read manner, he conveys profound truths regarding quality traits of people whom it would be preferable to associate with, and also quality traits of people whom it would be a good idea to avoid since it might at best, be a waste of our time and at worst, cause our undoing.

I recommend this book as a must-read, not only to people who are romantically-inclined, but to anyone who values their well-being.

Double thumbs-up!

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I wish I came up with that title–but nope, Adam Phillips, the genius that he is, came up with it first.  This book is in a word… “Superb.”  If you would want another word, I’ll throw in… “Sublime.”  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sojourn into the surreal and fascinating terrain of the psychology of the human mind.

The word “Sanity”, like the word “Love” is a much-abused word used to mean anything that the speaker wants it to mean to their own ends.  Much literature has been devoted to extolling and vilifying madness and there has been many medical texts and practitioners devoted to the study, cure, categorization, and exploration of madness or insanity; on the other hand, “sanity” has been taken for granted and/or overlooked as a vague concept of anything madness or insanity isn’t.

If, as a society, we focussed more on learning more about different kinds of sanity and exploring sanity, what are the possibilities? If we were all educated and aware of different forms and modalities of sanity, there might be more of an option to emulate and facilitate it…

Imagine what the world would be like then when people fully understand sanity and come face to face with it, instead of seeing it as a vague concept of something desirable somewhere in the background and grasped upon when needed to promote one’s agenda.

An intelligent, timely, and relevant book… a must read!  Two thumbs-up!

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Success has universal appeal.  Most people covet and recognize it; they admire the exceptional people who have managed to achieve exceptional success.

Malcolm Gladwell takes us further into the phenomenon of success and discusses the factors which are crucial for success – using real-life examples:  Bill Gates, the Beatles, and more.

He also writes about the 10,000-hour rule which stipulates that success or expertise is achieved after the 10,000 hour of doing.  He also discusses that timing is critical for success.

Interesting, isn’t it?  It’s a must-read for anyone interested in the inner workings of success.

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