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This is a response to Topic#140 as posted at which goes, “Would you ever consider running for president?”

No, I would not run for president because politics almost always requires having no privacy and is often more trouble than its worth as per my personality.  It does not go to show that it would be more trouble than its worth for people who are more sociable, extroverted, or have inclinations to wield power over people and situations. It just goes to show that not all people want to be leaders, presidents, or heads of state.

There are people just like myself who would prefer to live a quiet and private life pursuing more spiritual or personal goals.  Again, this is not to say that running for president is not a good idea for other people.  If everyone did not want to run for president, it would also be chaos; while at the same time if everyone did want to run for president, it would be a catastrophe too in another manner.

Yay for diversity and tolerance!  It’s different strokes for different folks indeed.

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So, my post is a bit late… but it doesn’t make these people less beautiful!  Here’s who made the shortlist for April!













6.  WU ZUN













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So, we’ve finally gotten over ourselves (or perhaps someone else) and reckon that it’s time to look for love. Perhaps, we’ve finally gotten our ducks in a row or got sick of waiting for our ducks to get in a row–or something of the sort.  The point is, we’re sick and tired of waiting around for love, and finally we announce our intent to the universe, “I’m now ready for love!”

The Universe will respond–oh yes it will.  And it will tell us, “Seek and you shall find.” (Or some sort of similar nonsense.) And we start looking–high and low, near and far, here and there… And eventually, we find out that… Love hides in the strangest places!  Oh, yes it does. It will be unexpectedly expected or expectedly unexpected. Nevertheless, it will surprise us… sometimes, we don’t realize it until we are so far in to even get out safely.

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What is popularly defined as “love” can be the authentic version or “infatuation” the bootleg version of it.  Unfortunately, at the onset, it is hard to tell which is which is which… and as with most things, the passage of time serves to separate the true from the false… with a lot of casualties on the wayside.

Romantic love, with the above consideration, is both a delight and a delusion, with only time to serve as both its arbiter and judge.  It is fortunate that, as much as we would like to believe, things do not happen in one fell swoop.  As the events progress, we get little hints and clues of the symptoms of the nature of the relationship, and we can take action accordingly.

It is hardly this simple though since when we find ourselves to far into the delights or the delusions of “love” to take action… whether it is through actual emotional blindness or contrived blindness so that we would be able to cling to the relationship or the object of our affections for one more day… until the one more day stretched indefinitely and goes past the point of no return.

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2nd Month with Postaweek 2011

It was quite daunting when I first signed up for PostaWeek2011.  I wasn’t sure whether I was up for it, but I’m glad that I did – and very thankful to the folks at The Daily Post @ for the daily support and prompts which they provide. I thought that I would have fun out of ideas to blog about soon enough… however, on the contrary, it seems that the more I write, the more I find that I have subjects to write about.

So far, so good.

So, I would say now, “So far, so good.”  I still would like to be able to participate in the weekly photo blogging challenge… but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve introduced my monthly Top 10 Beautiful People post which I’m quite enjoying. I’ve also introduced the Love 101 series which I’m very excited about.  So, who knows what would happen next?

Cheers to possibilities and even more wondrous possibilities!

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A Possible Logo for Love 101?

So we’ve survived studying languages, maths, and sciences, and even after the arduous efforts of completing our studies, we find ourselves completely lost about love and emotions in real life. How about if a subject called Love 101 was taught alongside all the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

If “Love 101” doesn’t suffice as the title, perhaps “Emotional health 101″ can be considered as an umbrella course which would encompass “Love 101”? (As our topic for today is “Love 101”, I will endeavor not to digress to much into the macro topic of Emotional Health–let’s leave that for another time, shall we?)

Now, what would this course include? As an introduction, as with any product or equipment which we purchase and/or any machine we operate, there should be a legal clause which protects one from breaking one’s heart and incapacitating one’s mind as we are warned about protecting our limbs or any other various body parts from being torn or otherwise damaged.

Caution: Heart Fracture/Damage Possible

If children’s toys now carry some warning or another about the hazards which it might cause if not used properly, how come we had to learn about similar cautions to our heart the hard way? If only they had taught us all these in school at an early age, with continued education as we progressed from K-12 then wouldn’t we feel far more prepared?

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Note: This is the first in a series of Love 101 blog entries… Stay tuned!

Finding Love

If only finding love were as easy as illustrated in the photo above, wouldn’t it be wonderful? We could just focus on the page and gradually we’d be able to find L-O-V-E and get a red marker and capture it. We’ve always been taught that there is a way to achieve what we want through concentrated effort–if only it applied to the ever elusive “amore.”

A Push of a Button

If only it were this easy–that was just push a button and we’d be able to find love… I’m not contesting that there are many methods for finding love… I’m contesting the assumption that love can ever be found.  Again, back to the first paragraph where I state (in so many words) that love is not a product of mere focus or concentrated effort.

If only it were that easy –then people would have found true love left, right, and center… for there certainly is no lack of people who are seeking it.  However, seeking for something does not automatically entail finding it. As much as we would like to think that we have control over a lot of things–it certainly does not apply to love.  True love does not appear as a result of merely desiring it or applying effort to look for it.

Love Appears Unexpectedly

Love cannot be found… instead, it finds us.  That is the irony of the situation, we keep on looking and searching for it and it eludes us… It comes when it does and it does the finding/seeking.  Love finds us.  We do not find it–as much as we would like to think so and take the credit for it.  Perhaps, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let this happy accident chance upon us.

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I have to admit that I read The Daily Post @ almost daily to see what new Plinky prompts or other interesting topics which they have posted. I like this topic and I couldn’t come up with a better title other than the actual prompt itself:

What part of life confuses you the most?

It would be all too easy, and a bit lazy and misleading, just to say that “Everything” in life confuses me. . . because not everything in life confuses me anymore.

I’d like to think that I’ve got a good grasp of at least a few things or even a better idea of a few other things. However, what confuses me the most is something so basic and yet so paradoxical, and that is: L-O-V-E. . .romantic love to be specific .

Love and relationships confuse me the most because they are not logical. . . and as much as there are some occasions when human beings have proven themselves to be logical, they soon lose all their credibility for being logical as soon as they step into the realm of romantic relationships because nothing is more illogical than two beings involved in a so-called romantic relationship.

Once we step into the embraces of romance, we find that we tend to mysteriously misplace our good sense and rationality. . . and the situation we find ourselves in is an unpredictable free for all where the chips fall as they may–in other words, we seem to lose control over many of our faculties and have no idea what will happen next.

All we end up having is this intense hope that everything would turn out well but every day unfolds in uncertainty and we just have to live with it–for as we know now, words are just words and promises can hardly be used as a bond to hold someone with us against their will.

So once we step in the melee of love we are all hope and fear glued together by faith that it will all work out and that it won’t be some sort of cruel joke that the universe plays upon us.

Once we step into the uncertainty, we find that the only way we can go on without disengaging from it is through trust . . . that all will unfold as it should. And it is confusing and frightening to put our faith and trust into something so intangible and uncertain.

If only it were that easily to logically extricate ourselves from such a situation, then we’d be safe, but we’ll be missing out on one of the best gifts of life. We can only hope that the risk is worth the reward.

However, if only love came with a fail-safe manual and a guarantee, life would be easier, wouldn’t it? Here’s to wishing . . .

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A lot of time and effort has been expended wondering about the nature of love and the reasons for love – and there are as many explanations are there are blades of grass in a field.  They are myriad and inconclusive.

Each definition carries a grain of truth – but not the whole truth and it depends on the people involved and the nature of their experiences.

All this would go to show that there is no good reason for falling in love – people just do.  People fall in love for all sorts of reasons which they are unable to comprehend or make sense of.

Falling in love is irrational and should be recognized as such since at times – there are a million good reasons for falling in love and yet we don’t; while during other times, there are no good reasons present for falling in love with someone and yet we find ourselves swimming in love’s embrace without knowing quite how or why.

Love is illogical and it just happens.  When it finds us, we have no choice but to either surrender to it – or resist with all our might… only to succumb to it in the end.

Happy Heart’s Day!

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This is in response to the Plinky prompt via The Daily Post @ WordPress ( which goes like this: Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

My response would be:  Both – which amounts to something else.  I am optimistic enough and pessimistic enough and it blends together to constitute something else – a Cynical Idealist or an Idealist Cynic.
Put in simplistic terms, an optimistic sees the glass half full and the pessimist sees the glass half empty.  In my case, I want to see the glass as half full and am determined to do so while at the same time having to acknowledge that the glass can yet stand to be filled even more…
Ahh… the delightfully frustrating ever fluid ambiguity and ambivalence of it all…
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