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For some strange reason, the concept of parallel universes has been appealing to me. I came upon the kindle book Travelling to Parallel Universes by Trish LeSage and it was intriguing however it wasn’t as long as I would have wished.

It contained anecdotes of Trish LeSage’s personal experiences as well as other people’s encounters of travelling to parallel universes as indicated by the title. It then lead me to another more interesting book written by physicist Cynthia Sue Larson and I’m still in the first few chapter but I feel that it delves into the topic more comprehensively than the previous book.

It might be a premature assessment since I have not yet completed the whole book and I have yet to find out how thorough the discussion is regarding reality shifts caused by moving into parallel universes. It sounds quite plausible and congruent with the concepts found in Buddhism regarding co-creation of a fluid reality based on actions which result in karma which manifests eventually which has a lot of concepts similar to quantum physics.

I have experienced a very strange occurrence a few months ago which baffles me to no end. Upon reading Reality Shifts it seems like it could be possible that reality did shift somehow to cause another person to insist that I had said something which I clearly remember I had not said. The other back-up possibilities which I’ve entertained have to do with ghosts, evil spirits, or plain old delusions and hallucinations.

Somehow, the idea of parallel universes and unknowingly shifting into one seems more appealing. I am woefully aware that preferring a certain reality does not translate to it being so but I’m pleased to have encountered these concepts and will continue reading up on them. Who know right?

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I’ve recently come across these very interesting books by author Jon P. Bloch.  I am impressed by his insight into human nature enough to wish to read all of this non-fiction books.  If you enjoy reading my blog, I think that his books will appeal to you.  They are well written and insightful.  I have not finished reading all of them yet but I would like to share them with you.  He is no stranger to the pain and emotional strife caused by emotional vampires and soulless emotional predators and is kind enough to share his insight with the rest of us who might have had to deal with difficult people to say the very least.

I have finished reading The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar Disorder and am now reading The Loveless Family.  He is able to relay quite well the convoluted psychological dynamics which exist in dysfunctional and loveless families.  We might sometimes wonder whether we are being too needlessly suspicious or untrusting of people, but when we come across his descriptions of these dodgy characters we have grown up with, we start feeling a bit more sane.  We realize that we might not have been imagining the ill intentions after all and it might not all be in our head that certain characters we have encountered in our lives are not unique to our own experience but do exist empirically.

I am looking forward to reading Handling Difficult People and I shall share my thoughts about it too.  From what I have read so far, it is bound to be an interesting read.  Thank you Jon P Bloch, Ph.d for making us feel that we are not alone in our difficult experiences.  I look forward to reading more of your books along the same topic as the books above.

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My first encounter with books with the Dalai Lama’s teachings was during a very rough time in my life and my brother gave me a Dalai Lams book. At that time, I was too caught up with myself to completely absorb and comprehend the teachings however, these past few months I’ve been coming across various books containing the teachings and thoughts of the Dalai Lama and I’m starting to develop a more thorough appreciation of them perhaps because I’m in a better frame of mind to do so and I believe that no matter one’s religious beliefs, the Dalai Lama’s books are relevant and may be appreciated from a psychological, philosophical, and educational perspective.

His teachings are relevant to all human beings and it would be great if more people have access to his teachings in their native languages.

The beauty of the Buddha’s teachings is that it teaches about life and logically discusses being able to overcome one’s own negative tendencies. It is a pity that simply because Buddhism is considered a religion aside from being a philosophy that many people think that Buddha is a god and feel that they would be betraying their own religion by being open to his teachings.

It would be great of more people appreciated that the Buddha is was a great human teacher during his mortal existence and does not claim to be a god (or God) in any way, shape, or form. He is venerated for his wisdom and his teachings and rightfully so.

I will be reviewing some of the notable Dalai Lama books I’ve read soon. I warmly urge you to browse through the wide selection of his books and teachings and enjoy his insight, humor, and perspective.

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I’m hoping that G. Norman Lippert continue to write books in the James Potter series. Is book four in the works?

I’m currently reading the kindle edition of the third book as downloaded from and enjoying it.

I have not finished reading the whole book yet but I’m enjoying it immensely, more than the first two James Potter books.

Lippert is in his element in James Potter and the Vault of Destinies with the setting being in America and has managed to create a compelling American wizarding universe and background and a relatively complex and solid plot.

I look forward to reviewing JP3 when I’ve finished reading it.

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Finally, an inkling of a ray of light… Dolores Cannon’s The Convoluted Universe Part Four is now available and I couldn’t resist–I purchased the Kindle edition immediately. I’ve been checking religiously to find out if there are any updates as to when it would be available.

It was originally slated to come out in November, but then it was moved to Christmas Day… and to my disappointment there was an announcement that it might be available at an unspecified date post Christmas.  I’m psyched that as of today it is now available!

So today, despite all my grousing, I got a double treat since I just received this awesome Christmas baking book from a very good friend– “Bake Me I’m Yours…Christmas”

This is my first Christmas baking book, and despite my rudimentary baking skills which I make up for enthusiasm, I hope that aside from flipping through the pages and appreciating the delectable delights, I do find time to try out the recipes here in the book. Yay!

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So there’s one book that I can’t wait to purchase it (in Kindle edition no doubt) as soon as it’s available. It’s Dolores Cannon’s latest book “The Convoluted Universe Part Four” and it’s coming out in December. I thought it was supposed to come out this month but upon checking Amazon, it says that it’ll come out next month on Christmas Day nonetheless, so it’s something to look forward to. I like the spiral artwork on the book cover too.  Can’t wait! I’m practically bobbing up and down here in anticipation.

I’ve enjoyed reading many of Cannon’s books and it’s something which I feel is quite fascinating. Hypnosis and past life regression are quite interesting and really broadens the mind with what could be possible.  Reincarnation is another subject which sparks my interest and along those lines, I enjoy reading books by Dr. Brian Weiss and Sylvia Browne too, among others.

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Page One Bookstore @ Times Square @ Hong Kong

I visited Page One Bookstore @ Times Square (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) today and browsed through their selection of English books and found a gem: How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D.

Boston Globe has hailed it “As gracefully written as Erich Fromm‘s classic The Art of Loving.” This is high praise indeed. I enjoyed The Art of Loving very much.

Though upon reading the first few pages of How to Love, I might actually say that this is even more gracefully written since the relevant content is conveyed in an updated conversational way without losing the essentials.

In the spirit of Dr. Livingston‘s international bestseller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, his humor shines through as he deftly handles what might be considered heavy topics in a light and skillful manner that it may not be too overwhelming while at the same time, ensuring that the message is not lost.

I have placed this blog post under the category of Book Previews instead of Book Reviews since I will be writing a separate entry when I’ve finished reading the book.

I am just so keen about this book that I wanted to blog about it upon flipping through the first few pages.  How to Love’s subtitle captures the nugget of wisdom perfectly “Choosing Well at Every Stage of Life.”

It would not be far-fetched to imagine that this book would soon be one of the classics in the category of relationship psychology.

Stay tuned for the review.

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