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As a fan and regular viewer of the history channel, I have come across many of its programs these past few months and the History Channel special Mankind The History of All of Us is a very unique and ambitious six part miniseries which chronicles our intricate global history from the very beginning to the present day providing the insights of hindsight along the way.

It’s an interesting perspective to view global history from our currency perspective and see humanity’s monumental triumphs and failures as well as the pivotal decisions and key people who helped shape the development and direction of mankind in wilful, surprising, and/or accidental ways.

It should not be viewed merely as interesting entertainment even if the show is presented in cinematic documentary and unfolds with the natrator’s skill full storytelling, it should also be viewed as both a cautionary tale and a source of inspiration where we should avoid the mistakes of the past with the thought that forewarned is forearmed however we must also draw strength from the monumental and sometimes miraculous triumphs along the way and allow it to inspire us to undertake great ventures which would benefit the greater good in a manner which considers the diversity and perspective of all and not merely one’s own since the stringent adherence to our own perspective without considering other’s interests while claiming our own views benefit others and imposing it upon others have repeatedly caused more grief through time.

The Mankind series is a very educational and interesting program which provides a massive bird’s eye view balanced by close-ups on global history’s key moments and game changers.

Positively epic!

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One of the best shoes on TV is Ancient Aliens on The History Channel. It’s interesting that they make referenced to ancient UFO theorists and different theoretical information as well as research and investigations into the topic they are discussing from historical references to current events.

Ancient Aliens manages to be interesting and informative at the same time and the collage of different statements from people who have something to say about the topic covered by the current episode.

I like the idea that the show delves into ancient mysteries and postulates about possible futures because it shows that there are many things in the world that we do not know about and we should be humble enough to admit that we do not know everything and allow for different possibilities and phenomenon.

Two thumbs up!

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I thought Off The Map was going to be just another medical drama on TV. It’s hard to beat Grey’s Anatomy or House MD which seem to have cornered the market on medical-themed drama. I don’t think the Off The Map quite beats another of them but it seems to be a self-sufficient and interesting series which stands on it’s own feet. The characters are interesting and the plot lends itself well to the chosen settings and characters. It’s not dark or intense like House and it’s not a big complicated series of love stories like Grey’s Anatomy. It does bear some resemblance to GA more than Hpuse because Off The Map has the same executive producers as GA however it holds its own due to the setting of the medical practice in the jungles of South America which presents its own unique set of challenges and adventures and with this unique setting, the characters unfold and grow. I enjoy watching Off The Map and I look forward to Season Two.

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Downton Abbey does not disappoint with an even more sizzling and complex season Two which keeps us on the edge of our seats in avid anticipation of the third season.

The characters are well-defined and have each ripened gracefully on the screen as the drama unfolds. Kudos to the creator and to the writers of the series for presenting such a superd period drama series–as well as the stars if the series who have brought life to the characters.

Downton Abbey is set in the 1910s around the time of the First World War. It’s an era which is not typically portrayed on tv series and thus it has been enjoyable to see this period tackled creatively and tastefully by the Downton Abbey.

Can’t wait for the next season!

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Rachel Bilson rocks as Dr. Zoe Hart in the tv series Hart of Dixie. In addition to being poignant and funny, there’s a feel good factor to the series which seems to be shot on a set which seems to resemble the Gilmore Girls set.

The characters are quirky and lovable and the story oozes a certain wholesome and adorable small town feel which takes us back to the ‘good old days’ which exist in our psyches (and perhaps not in reality). It’s a feel-good tale with a Sourhern charm which transports us into the world of Dr. Zoe Hart as she navigates living in Bluebell, Alabama.

A lovely and enjoyable show indeed.

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I had my reservations when I hears about the premise of the tv series Drop Dead Diva but watching it dispelled my hesitations. It is entertaining with drama, comedy, and romance all in one easy to watch format.

The fun frivolity (and I mean this in a good way) balances out with the gravity and relevance of the legal cases. Another way of looking at it is that the fashion, style, and comedy lightens the legal tv series genre without taking anything away from the integrity of ‘lawyer shows.’

It is indeed a refreshing and fashionable take on ‘lawyer shows’ and is very addictive to watch with interesting characters. Thumbs-up!

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The Good Wife is surprisingly a good show, and going with the title alone, I mistakenly thought that it was going to be some sort of family drama–and I’m not a big fan of such shows.   When I heard that it was “a lawyer show” my ears perked up.

I enjoyed L.A. Law and The Practice way back when and I miss them.  It has been quite a while since there have been good “lawyer shows” and I am pleased that I have come across The Good Wife, it’s got just the right mix of law, drama, and mind games.

There is a certain joy in  following personal lives of the main characters as they navigate and meet the challenges of each case as they come up, and as the story unravels.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey. Being an avid Jane Austen fan, I wasn’t disappointed with the complexity and intricacy of the plot.  Jane Austen’s televised novels have a more female bent to it and Downton Abbey differs in the sense that it encompasses the perspective of both genders.

It’s an interesting family period drama created by Julian Fellowes and it is indeed impressive.  I would have wishes that there would have been more episodes to season 1 than the 7 I’ve seen. I felt completely drawn into the challenges and successes of the Grantham family as they navigate rapidly changing times.

Season 1 kicks off with the news of the sinking of the Titanic and gradually creeps towards World War I. We anticipate the whirls of fortune as we witness the unfolding of this epic family saga.

In a word: Majestic.

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BBC’s captivating and refreshing new take on the brilliant Sherlock Holmes is nothing short of fantastic, relevant, and updated.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman bring to life the epic duo Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, respectively, and they are doing a fantastic job of it.

It’s pretty awesome to watch Sherlock navigate modern-day London with mobile phones, SMS messaging, e-mails, and the internet. I have just watched the 1st season and I find myself looking forward to the 2nd season–and hopefully they will have more episodes coming up–and soon!

It’s simply… superb!

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It’s funny… I’ve come across these books recently… Beyond These Four Walls by MaryRose Occhino,  Spirited by Rebecca Rosen, and Secrets of the Monarch by Allison Dubois.

When I scour the second hand bookshops, I hardly have an idea of what I’ll get… During the last few times when I’ve tried my luck, I’ve come across these three books separately. It happens that these books are written by mediums and are about their practice, so to speak.  I really quite enjoyed reading them and found them utterly fascinating.

I do have some interest in psychic and mediumistic phenomenon but as of late, since I’ve been preoccupied with other concerns, it has not been an active interest. Stumbling upon these books rekindled my interest in the world of the unseen and unexplainable.

It’s very disappointing that Medium and Ghost Whisperer have been cancelled.  I felt that in their own way, both of them have something to contribute to the the interesting field of spirituality and the paranormal… not to mention that they are intriguing and fun to watch.

It can only be hoped that I do end up stumbling upon more good reads about mediums, mediumistic ability, and furthermore, that there would be good series which deal with mediumistic abilities again–whether it be like Medium which deals with solving crimes or Ghost Whisperer which deals with finding peace for wandering spirits, or something else which deals with ghosts or spirits along similar lines.

The shows were probably cancelled because they didn’t turn out to be as popularly accepted as other shows which deal with more generally accepted themes… which does not go to say that they did not have its own niche following or that they were not popular at all.  I’ve been an avid follower of both these shows and I believe that I am not alone with these sentiments… Both Medium and Ghost Whisperer will be missed.

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