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By happenstance, in my quest for books about past lives, I stumbled upon this book We Are Our Ancestors by Richard F Weaver on Amazon and purchased the Kindle edition.

The formatting and editing of the text in the Kindle edition is wanting but aside from that, the content of the book is very interesting and covers several metaphysical topics aside from past lives, some which coincide with the discussion about pyramids as found in the Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock which I’m currently reading. I will post the review of this book here as well.

We Are Our Ancestors covers topics about past lives, the afterlife and the metaphysical secrets of the universe and if it were not for the editing and the formatting of the kindle edition, I would be giving a very positive review.

At any rate, in giving a positive review for this book. For fellow spiritual seekers, it is worth a read.

(c) Niconica 2012

Akashic Records by Lois Wetzel is a lovely and insightful read and I recommend this book to everyone. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or just curious, this book provides a glimpse into the relevance and impact of past lives on our present lives and perhaps even our future lives. It gives us reason to believe that complicated and sometimes unexplainable relationship dynamics exist because of a cause which is not immediately apparent to us because it stems from our previous existences. It causes us to rethink our current entanglements and consider compassion and forgiveness as a wise way to dissolve previous negative karma and prevent future unpleasant interactions with people wh we had developed a pattern of negative interactions with through a series of lifetimes. These accounts also causes us to view our current relationships and difficulties in a new light and makes a serious case for being able to be more loving, compassionate, and positive–most especially in situations where being all these is most difficult so that our soul may be able to move forward in its evolution.

A remarkable, insightful, and wonderful read.

(c) Niconica 2012

I’ve come across a very likeable lady, Bina, who is doing numerology and crystal reading and it was interesting… and accurate.  It’s not a crystal ball reading as has been popularized by media.

It consists of taking a handful for tumbled crystals in your hand, closing your hands around them, concentrating on the query, then dropping them onto the velvet-like fabric with lines and words on them and reading the configuration of the crystals based on where they have ended up.  It’s almost logical when you think about it.

She also does numerology based on birthdays and again, I would have to say that it has been quite accurate.  It’s nothing mind-blowing but I would say that it would be worth trying it out to get some insight into yourself or issues which are weighing on your mind.

Regarding payment – they say that it is by donation only though if you’re wondering what the ballpark figure would be – P300 would be fine.  She lives in Quezon City and her contact details are: 0917-8377068 and 7030408.

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