The Company's New Album "Lighthearted"

The Company’s new album “Lighthearted” is light as air but has blown me away. ┬áIt’s filled with covers of popular new songs we know and love.

I dare say that their version adds to the beauty of the original songs – and makes them even more appealing. It’s light as air but emotionally packs a wallop with melodious vocals.

In an age where downloading music is prevalent, I found myself searching for their album and buying the CD.

I enjoy 11 out of the 14 songs in the album, particularly “Two is Better Than One“, “Half of My Heart“, and “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again.”

The remaining three songs, I don’t enjoy – not because of the execution, because their execution was sublime, but merely because those songs just didn’t appeal to me even in their original version.

I’ve been listening to the whole album on repeat and letting the musical harmony carry me away.

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