I’ve chanced upon the WordPress Post-A-Day / Post-A-Week challenge for 2011.  Ideally, I would really like to be able to post daily but realistically, it seems that it would be best if I joined the PostAWeek2011 challenge instead.

Gulp.  I’m feeling a bit nervous about accepting this challenge – but I reckon that perhaps this is the only way that I would be able to discipline myself with posting regularly on my blog and work out those writing muscles.

At any rate, joining the Post-A-Week challenge would cause me to write at least one blog a week – and, hopefully, even more once the juices start flowing.  Here’s to hoping!

Check out http://dailypost.wordpress.com for daily writing ideas and suggestions for blogging regularly.  It says on their site that it’s an experiment in blogging motivation from the folks at WordPress.com.  I think it’s awesome!

To join the challenge – check out this link:


Best of luck (and hard work) to all of us!


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