In terms of color pencils, Faber-Castell is not my first choice because it seems that more pressure is needed to produce darker shades. Upon perusal of the back of the box, it says that the leads are especially SV bonded to prevent breakage.

It is true that the purpose of less breakage has been met but the color is not easily applied. It takes more effort to produce the richer shades. It seems that the SV bond (whatever it may be) works a little too well that it also prevents the color adhering to the paper in as little time as possible.

What I like though about Faber-Castell is that the price is more affordable for such a reputable brand. It’s an entry level brand which would definitely suit students and the general population, including beginner art hobbyists. It also comes with a wide array of colors and it additionally has a space for the name of the owner of the color pencils which is quite handy and practical.

In a pinch, when my favored art materials brands are not present this is the better and most reasonably priced brand available. As it’s not secret that art materials are not cheap so we sometimes are a bit hesitant in investing in two sets of premium color pencils. Faber-Castell does well as a respectable and acceptable back-up color pencil set for its array of colors and price.

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