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A couple of years ago, I began reading Kindle books thinking that it would be a reading back up plan only when the books were not available in physical form and thinking that I would always prefer printed books over books in electronic format.

I believe that having a physical book in one’s hands and having the joy of flipping and smelling (yes) the pages is still one of the more enjoyable experiences in life. However, it seems that my kindle library has increased in size through the years and I’m starting to get the hang of reading books from the comfort of my iPhone screen.

The advantage of a kindle book is that it may be read unobtrusively even when the lights are off or in the dark. It is also convenient to read it while lying on one’s back without worrying about the light source or compromising our eyesight.

The convenience of purchasing with one click from after consulting reviews is just too tempting to resist at times. For an avid reader like myself, the plethora of books available at one’s fingertips just a tap away presents giddy possibilities of more knowledge to read and enjoy.

Running out of physical bookshelves or spaces to store my hard copy books makes reading and purchasing soft copies appealing as well. I’m starting to enjoy the benefits of kindle more and more and I would say that even if the feeling of leafing through actual printed pages is unparalleled, and kindle books cannot match up to that, it makes up for it in other aspects such as accessibility, convenience, and ease.

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I’ve recently updated the mobile WordPress app on my iPhone and I’m pleaded to say that it’s much smoother to use than the previous version. I just noticed the option available of being able to take photos or use existing photos and have yet to try it out.

I have been posting via my WordPress mobile app for most of the year, except for a few instances. I usually like to have photos accompanying my post but however had to forego it because it was inconvenient to use the previous version of the WordPress app to upload photos. We shall see how this current update of the app goes.

The user interface of this update is much more pleasant and the menu available is more comprehensive and more interactive than the previous version. I’m looking forward to more improvements on the WordPress mobile app because posting from my iPhone has grown on me whereas when my laptop died end of last year, I wasn’t excited about the prospect of posting from my mobile.

Now, it’s actually become more pleasant because of this updated version. Thank you WordPress for the new and improved version of the WordPress mobile app.

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Learn Chinese with the iPhone Chinese Phonetics App

Learn how to pronounce Chinese consonants and vowels through the iPhone Chinese Phonetics App. It has both the traditional Chinese ‘alphabet’ as well as the modern westernized Chinese ‘alphabet’ accompanied by an audio of how each letter is pronounced. It also provides the different tones coupled by the different applicable syllables with the audio output of how each syllable is supposed to sound.

It’s a very functional app packed with a lot of content–all the basics for Mandarin Chinese phonetics. There is an interesting section called “Practice Exercises” in the app where you may listen to the word, then record your answer, and playback your answer to be able to compare it to the original audio of the word to see if you got it right.

If only there were these apps available when I was growing up and learning the fundamentals of pronouncing and speaking Chinese.

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It’s unbelievable how many various codecs exist and are required to play different forms of videos.

For someone like me who grasps at straws with these technical things, it’s frustrating to not be able to just click play and be able to watch video files even when it’s already on a DVD disc.

Good thing a friend told me about VLC Media Player which is a free open source media player which works with most platforms without requiring codec downloads.

It just takes minutes to download and set up even with a basic computer and it’s up and running. As the post title indicates… VLC Media Player came through awesomely for me and I’m able to watch Gilmore Girls for the nth time. Yay!

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My laptop is acting funny and I’ll have to bring it for a check-up pronto. I hope that it is nothing severe or fatal because I am quite attached to it.

Being as I’m posting from the WordPress app, there would be no customary photos which accompany my posts.

I find it a bit harder to adjust to cut and paste and add photos on the iPod WordPress app than when I’m on my laptop so kindly bear with me.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season to some capacity.

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WhatsApp Messenger Icon

WhatsApp-ing–a combination of IM-ing and SMS-ing–is a pretty good application.

It makes life that much more convenient.

For the level of connectedness it provides citizens of the global village who are glued to their phones, it is worth mentioning.

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