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There are many intangible therapeutic benefits in caring for a pet and interacting with them; however, it comes with a lot of responsibilities which include having them vaccinated, cleaning up after them, feeding them, and bringing them to the vet for check-ups and/or emergencies.

Growing up, we had pet dogs but they weren’t really my personal responsibility so all I did was play with them and it was fun. I gradually realised the enormity if the responsibility having a pet entails and for a while, despite enjoying with others’ pet dogs and cats, I shied away from actually owning a pet due to the deterrent of having to take so much effort in caring for them.

However, during a more trying time in my life, I was drawn to having a pet dog and became increasingly determined to have a pet dog and was thankfully given the best gift I’ve ever been given–my beloved pet toy poodle.

It was a scary and exhilarating process to be a first time full dog owner and I’ve made a few mistakes along the way and experienced the heartshaking emergency situations when I’ve had to bring my dear pet to the emergency vet a few times in the course of five years, not to mention all the things which have been damaged or soiled by my exuberant and naughty canine companion and for non-pet-lovers these stresses would occur to them as clear signs that having a pet is not a great idea.

However, these are just one side of the coin. The benefits and the happiness in having a pet canine or feline is priceless. They cause so much joy (even more than the unavoidable consternation they may cause as well). They are like our personal guardian angels and keep us company and quietly support us and make us feel loved as well us teaching us a lot about developing patience and compassion and most importantly, love.

Truly priceless. For those who wish to experience this, I encourage kind, generous and loving individuals to adopt pet dogs and cats from animal shelter like PAWS and give these abandoned souls a loving home. There will be unavoidable periods of inconvenience and adjustment, however, for pet lovers, the intangible rewards are worth it.

(c) Niconica 2013

These photos are just too funny not to share. My dear pet toy poodle got hold of a renegade potato and held it hostage for a while.  The potato retrieval went smoothly – not before I snapped a few photos.  I’m pleased so say that the potato survived the experience though a bit worse for wear – with a few puncture wounds.  In the interest of food safety, the potato was quarantined and excluded from any food preparation.

(c) Niconica 2010