As humans we have a basic need to be validated and feel that we matter and that we are important to the people who matter to us. When we are cheated on by someone whom we love a lot, we are invalidated as a person and it destroys us and weakens us on many levels… When it happens often enough, the result is disease.

It is often that the spouse or partner who has been cheated on repeatedly internalises the pain develops a disease because the psychological poison has to have a way to manifest. Sometimes we focus on the actual terminal disease and the external cures which are supposed to help without changing the patterns in our lives which caused the circumstance in the first place.

A constant current of negative emotion poisons our energy systems and it eventually becomes toxic to our physical body. If the resentment or the anger or pain isn’t expressed or let out, it accumulates and physical disease manifests.

Invalidating is defined as weakening or destroying and this is what we do when we are not able to respect the bonds of commitment and we are not able to respect the partner enough to be faithful. Every single act of infidelity invalidates the other person and when it gets to the critical point, it literally and figuratively destroys the other.

Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, and words. They affect people on more than one level… if not all.

(c) Niconica 2014