1.) Yes, you read it right – I’ve recently begun to be addicted to Gummi Bears!  Not just any Gummi Bears but particularly Trolli Gummi Bears – interesting tidbit – it’s made in Spain!  I chanced upon it a couple of months ago and have been hooked since.

However, this recent proclivity for consuming gummi bears calls to mind other gummi treats which I have enjoyed munching on through the years.

And oh, this is not a paid review or article – but i wouldn’t mind being showered with an unlimited supply of gummi bears or other gummi treats – more suggestions below!

2.) And who can forget the classic gummi coke bottles, and the equally yummy sour version of it?

3.) All this, then, calls to mind another particular favorite of mine – The Jelly Snakes by The Natural Confectionery Company.

There’s certainly something to chewing while thinking and problem solving.  It seems to get the brain juices flowing.

4.) Japanese Mochi balls stuffed with ice cream could be a way to go when we’re looking for that cold gummi feel on our palate.

5.) For a bit of the gummi feel with soup, Chinese glutinous rice balls filled with peanut or bean paste provide the warm chewy gummi-ness.

6.)  Now for a bit of crunchy gummi-ness (Yes, I know it’s not an actual word) the fried glutinous sesame ball filled with bean or peanut paste would be perfect.

7.)   And of course, the local Filipino Palitaw (Glutinous Rice patties) would definitely be in the running with its two versions – one plain without the coconut shavings, and the other with the dried coconut shavings.  It is more popularly served dry with the coconut shavings – though I would have to admit that I prefer it plain with some soup.  You decide.

8.) The classic Christmas simbang gabi (midnight mass) favorite Puto Bumbong (also made from glutinous rice) also makes it to this list for it’s delectable chewy gummi factor.  It is traditionally eaten with dried coconut shavings and muscovado sugar.

9.) The ultimate Filipino glutinous rice layered cake Sapin-Sapin has a high chewy-gummi factor too!

10.) OK, I’m shamelessly squeezing two or three items into number 10.  Let’s just call it… a tie… between the yummy Puto Calasiao (semi-glutinous rice cakes) and Suman sa Ibus (sticky rice rolls wrapped in coconut leaves which is dipped in sugar before eating) (Suman sa Ibus is my preference over Suman sa Lihia at Latik – although I believe that Suman sa Lihia (sticky rice roll wrapped in banana leaves) and Suman sa Latik (Sticky cassava roll with coconut jam inside and wrapped in banana leaves) deserves a quick mention here too!)

Puto Calasiao from Pangasinan


Suman sa Ibus

Sticky rice rolls wrapped in coconut leaves


So it is here that I conclude my brief homage to the top gummi foods.  Let it be known that none of the photos are mine and I do not claim any copyright over them.  The copyright below only applies to the text of this blog entry.

Wishing You All A Very Happy and Gummi New Year!

(c) 2011 Niconica