I’ve recently had the opportunity to join a beginner’s photography workshop with my point and shoot digital camera and even if I feel that it would have been cooler to have a dslr camera, I enjoyed learning the basics–especially the techniques of composition.

Any worthy endeavour requires time to learn and taking the time to go around and practice taking photos allowed me to discover the photos I like taking and the unique perspective I having a leaning towards. It’s no longer merely about pointing and shooting and coming up with some good and some bad photos without knowing why.

Being able to give some thought considering the elements and one’s own reasons in being inclined to take a particular photo from a particular angle adds a richer dimension to the result. I don’t think I would be doing advanced photography any time soon but I’m glad that this avenue for enjoyment and creativity has been opened up to me,

So many things to learn, and so little time!

(c) Niconica 2013