According to Google, concept of undermining is defined by “gradually weakening or damaging someone or something especially gradually or insidiously.”  This is why we must be mindful of people who are out to harm us with their supposed good intentions, it’s like leaving little crumbs for us to eat up until we find ourselves in a hole that is too deep to dig out and before we know it we are someone else’s lunch so to speak.

Just because someone assures you that they love you and care for you, or just because someone is related to you, it doesn’t meant that their intentions are as clean as they purport it to be.  They can make it sound as though all their supposed “sacrifices” and decisions are for your benefit but it doesn’t meant that we must believe them.  Actions always speak louder than words and when you feel that unsettled feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is not quite right, you have to pay attention to it.

You will not be able to confront them or discuss their intentions because they are experts at double talk and they will demand for hard evidence that what you are saying is the truth.  They will tell you that you are imagining their negative intentions and that you are too sensitive and you are difficult to deal with.  There is no discussing truth or logic with these “wolves” and one should not even try to do so for our own mental health.

In the fairy tale, the wolves are identified as wolves–good and bad are clear cut.  However, in real life, many people who surround us and who might even be closest to us and even related to us may be manipulative enough to use our own weaknesses against us and the when we realise that something is amiss, they would dismiss it by simply attributing it to our overactive imaginations, and that they really mean the best for us–they might even stare straight into our eyes and claim that they love us, however all their little actions are clearly the opposite–strong enough to make us feel bad but subtle enough that they would not be called to task for it.

They are masters of mind games and more interaction with them will risk our peace of mind and our sanity.  We all know people like that in our lives, sometimes they might even be family or supposed best friends or supposed trusted employees.  We must be vigilant and listen to our guts because sometimes if we keep trusting in their words, we fail to take them to account for their actions and there is always that discrepancy between what they claim they intend and what they actually do and they would never admit to it.

In fact, if they are called to task for it, they will have the gall to be hurt and lie through their teeth that they are the victims of wrongful accusations and even, paranoia.  These sort of people will have it coming to them–karma will not discriminate between a well-concealed negative deed and an overt one. Our job is to stay our of the way and let karma have a straight path to them.

(c) Niconica 2016