Daniel Goleman’s books are a must read when we wish to learn about how we think and how to cope with the world around us.  Social Intelligence provides insight into how we interact with people around us. It also makes us understand how and why people are the way they are and how we can improve ourselves.

Getting along with people is a crucial factor for our survival; hence, the reason why it is pertinent to learn social intelligence.  I will belabour the point that learning emotional and social intelligence should be mandatory in the education system.

We learn that how we are treated during childhood affects our levels of anxiety and how we cope with daily stresses and this may make all the difference between a well-adjusted individual and a criminal. We learn to look at humans beyond the typical IQ assessment and ability to memorise facts and figures.

Social Intelligence is a very insightful and relevant read for all who wish to understand the human mind and how it works.

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