Imagine if children could go to school and learn more about about common sense and humanity instead of Maths and Sciences… We spent so many years learning how to do Algebra and Trigonometry, and to what end? We do not come out of it learning how to get along with people, how to deal with abusive people, how to have healthy boundaries, and how to prevent opportunists from taking advantage of us. Worse even, some of us turn out to be one of these morally decrepit characters. This is evidence enough that schooling is useless.

What do all these knowledge and earning serve except to produce more mental rubbish for people to digest? We have had the precious blessing of having a human life and every second that ticks by is priceless and the more that we use the time to help and benefit others or at least prevent negative people from breeding their abuse by not allowing them to have another opportunity through abusing us, we will have spent the time more wisely than when we spend all the time in school for naught.

When we allow people to get their way, we are only encouraging them. Sometimes the cycle of abuse must stop with us. Perhaps it may be too much to think that we can be the judge and jury of the person, but to simply not allow them to siphon or energy we will have at least not allowed them to perpetrate their violence any further on one occasion.

Imagine if we are taught about emotional intelligence and we would be decent human beings who become good parents to the benefit of our children. Formal schooling is secondary, perhaps if there is an interest or thirst for knowledge for its own sake, then it would be helpful. However, without the family as the main source of humanity and learning about humanity, all the knowledge in the world will only serve to harm others.

If the decade of schooling taught about kindness and respecting each other’s boundaries and how to deal with conflict instead of rote memorisation and nonsense , perhaps the world might be a better place. What do you think?

(c) Niconica 2014