It is almost too obvious to say that difficult people must be avoided at all costs, however the reality seems to be too much to hope for. They seem to crop up everywhere with blatant neglect of others and yet have the manipulative gall to even act like they are the ones who have been wronged.

We would all like to hear we are good people and we don’t usually like stirring up the pot and these difficult characters see this as an opportunity to further their own causes. Up to what point is it acceptable to allow these people to commit such blatant acts of selfishness.

After the initial stages of trying to let the situation solve itself or trying to be idealistic and see things from their perspective, there comes a point where we must have a resolution to the situations created by narcissistic characters.

It’s tempting to get these difficult people to look at the mirror each time they rant about how horrible life is to them as well as other self-righteous tirades. However, the lack of self-awareness in such difficult personalities seem to pervade their whole persona that they would not know decency even if it stared them in the face.

It would not be a good idea to harbor the illusions that they would change and realize their wrongdoings. Winning the lottery would even be more possible than renovating flawed characters when the best plan of action is to stay as far from them as possible and avoid any more contact to preserve our own sanity.

(C) Niconica 2014