We find ourselves in a world where all superficial and material needs seem to be progressing while we seem to lose track of what is essential and find ourselves in want of a moral compass.  It may seem that morality is not applicable now as we get more and more jaded and cynical through bad experiences, but it is precisely the nature of these experiences which make it even more clear that we must start growing and maintaining a strong moral backbone–this cannot be purchased and artificially constructed.

It is only through careful and meticulous discipline that we maintain what it is that makes us human so that we do not harm others as well as ourselves through the current of increasingly selfishness and narcissism.  Being ethical and having good morals is not optional–it is necessary–so that we do not lose our souls in the process.  

Peace of mind is probably one of the most overlooked treasures which we could have.  We must stop and not allow the rampant and intense materialism carry us away at the expense of what is truly important.  

(c) Niconica 2014