In our need to be constantly entertained, we enjoy compelling and dramatic love stories however we risk the tendency of art bleeding into real life and while we might enjoy the idea, very erratic and highly emotional romantic connection, as thrilling as it may be, does not lend itself well to a stable and long-term committed relationship.

We must balance our hunger for excitement with what is feasible in the long run and whatever people may say, an emotional rollercoaster does not benefit anyone and must be avoided at all costs. When we get to know a person, we get a sense of how they might be but we must patiently allow time and continued interaction to unravel them and reveal whether their temperaments suit us.

When we find someone we are able to talk about anything and everything with, it is simply magical and we feel that the energy is palpable. There is an intermingling if the joint energies which draws us magnetically towards each other and sustains itself.

The thrill and novelty eventually does run out and the real magic which happens us more down to earth and involves a sincere friendship and a capable to be open and discuss differences in order to reach and understanding.

We know it when we have found that one in a million person. It’s electric. It’s sacred. It’s…simply magic.

(c) Niconica 2013