During our younger years when our hearts were not worse for the wear, we might have not given a second thought about entering a committed relationship.  During our thirties (at least) and onwards, when we have more things at stake such as our family responsibilities, careers, and emotional wounds and issues, we enjoy the idea of finding love and entering a relationship on a theoretical level and may even think that we wish to pursue it.  However, when we observe our own inclinations and habits, we might find some contradicting behaviour.  Do we really wish to or not?  Do we have the courage to risk our emotional (and physical wellbeing) by entering a committed romantic partnership?

The idea of finding “The One” still might appeal to us on a certain level but when we are faced with an actual flesh and blood human beings, our issues come to light and we wonder whether we would be able to set them aside or quickly resolve them in order to give a potential relationship a fighting chance.  Are we both ready and willing to love?  Being ready requires more than a simple willingness and desire to love, and risk vulnerability.  Being ready requires emotional maturity and the earnest desire to work towards understanding another person and integrating them into our lives.  Being willing might sound simple but it should be more than a flippant desire to indulge in the romantic whimsy or thrill of the moment.

In moving forward in a serious manner, we must ask ourselves whether we are truly ready and willing for the risks and commitment a real relationship requires, otherwise we are just wasting our own and the other’s time, effort, and emotions. 

(c) Niconica 2013