With more avenues of expression and distraction provided by various social media and communication technology, it is all too easy to get caught up with the superficial plurality of messages and interactions. Communicating has become so mundane that it is taken for granted and the messages may become means of protecting and hiding our truths instead of a means to communicate our emotional needs and desires.

We get a point where we might be so polished with communicating and versed with niceties that we have lost the true ability to get in touch with our inner core and exercise the ability to relay what we really think. It might be because we don’t take the time to introspect or perhaps it may be because we are concerned that communicating our authentic sentiments makes us feel vulnerable.

We might have become so savvy with miming socially acceptable speech and behavior that we end up believing that doing this is all that is needed and required to survive and thrive that we neglect our inner voice and our emotional requirements in order to avoid conflict.

It is all well and good until we decide that we have had enough of hiding in the safety zone and wish to get to know another person better and this requires a measure of courage for in order to know someone better and to be able to develop a genuine connection, we have to risk revealing our true self and risk being vulnerable, hurt, and rejected and proceeding on this path becomes an act of courage.

Beyond social accepted norms of behavior, we each have our own issues, hang-ups, and imperfections and in order to forge a good bond with another and minimize misunderstanding and conflict, we must be versed with understanding ourselves and be able to articulate our thoughts, feelings, and truth in the most effective way possible which would enrich the purpose of the interaction.

And it starts with an act of courage to reveal ourselves and communicate our truth to another, without flinching, hiding, turning away, running, minimizing, omitting, or embellishing.

(c) Niconica 2013