Beyond romantic attraction, we must assess the emotional capability of a potential romantic partner.  Trial and error occurs because this is not something which can immediately be seen and requires some sort of emotional investment to be able to experience whether the emotional depth and capability of the potential partner matches ours.

In saying this, we must also have a grasp of whether our emotional capability is as such that entering into a relationship will be beneficial and fair for the other person as well.  It is during moments wherein misunderstandings and conflict arise where we would be able to have a clearer sense of how the other person handles it and responds to us.

It is also during these crucial moments when we would be able to have a glimpse of their true nature. and whether it would be feasible to further engage with the person in the long run.  It’s always tricky to be in a situation where we are emotionally drawn to the person that it clouds our better judgement.

However, at the back of one’s mind, one must have the lucidity to be objective and realize that there are certain shortcomings which will be seriously detrimental to a relationship’s wellbeing and upon identification of the symptoms, it must be considered seriously before moving the relationship forward.

(c) Niconica 2013