Our tendency to make snap judgements can work against us when our assessment may not be entirely informed or correct.  Being able to be flexible enough to allow that perhaps we have made a mistake comes in handy.  Despite popular belief, clicking and chemistry are not immediately apparent and involves many factors including having enough time and being in the right frame of might to allow for new experiences.

Beyond experience limerence or infatuation which may be biological, clicking and chemistry involve an intangible harmonious chemistry which is hard to define but immensely gratifying to experience–almost like being in the presence of a minor miracle.  It happens imperceptibly but when the energies of both people seem to gel, the effect can be positively electric and a magnetic connection is established.

Having positive chemistry is merely the first step and it will not sustain itself arbitrarily and while it is a good starting off point, work has to be done in order to maintain good relationships.  The minute that we expect that by virtue of good chemistry our partner would be able to magically intuit our needs and desires, we have started down a downward spiral.

Effective and open communication and enhanced conflict resolution skills are essential tools in being able to fan the fires of romance and lead it down the path of serious commitment.  While we bask in the glow of our lover’s eyes and feel the exhilaration, we must not take for granted that relationships require hard work and ‘clicking’ with one’s partner is definitely invaluable and just the beginning of many beautiful things to come–if we are careful to learn constructive relationship skills.

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