We get to a certain point in our lives where we think that we have a pretty good grasp of how life works and we forget to allow for the margin or error, owing to the fact that we may make mistakes.  In dating, we often try to get a good grasp of the person in as short a span of time as possible in order to gauge whether they are worth spending precious time with but sometimes, we cannot ascertain these matters in the blink of an eye.

We may have to allow for the fact that sometimes our judgements are actually misjudgements and that we may have to correct our viewpoints according to the facts as they actually present themselves and not as we perceive them to be.  We may have to learn to give people the benefit of the doubt in order to prove our negative judgements false, and therefore be pleasantly surprised.

If we are not receiving the results we have envisioned, we may have to reexamine our process of selecting a mate and see whether we may be able to adjust our attitude to include a leeway for mistaken impressions.  We may also have to allow for the possibility that there may be an error with our perception and approach to the idea of dating and finding a mate which hinders us from being able to manifest the results which we wish to have.

Perhaps, all it takes to experience different result is just a tweak, a shift in our manner of thinking.

(c) Niconica 2013