I wish I could say that everything makes more sense as time passes by, but it simply isn’t the case.  The passage of time causes more factors to come into play and it makes everything more complicated.  We live in a world where chaos is the rule of thumb and we must make sense of all the information coming our way a mile a minute, and are faced with the challenge of making decisions at every turning point, hoping that everything might pan out for the best.  There might not be one singular way of handling the intricacies of life but I believe that, without exception, goodness, kindness, compassion and ethics must exist in the core of each choice, in order to make the world more bearable, not only for ourselves but for other people around us.

The many considerations we must endure is not an excuse for selfish behaviour.  We must not sell our souls for the price of one single choice which may cost everything that is dear to us.  As much as there is a temptation to take advantage of others or ensure our own gains, we must not do so at the price of other people’s wellbeing and peace of mind.  This is the only way we can still claim to be not only human, but humane.  We have become desensitized with our exposure to different media and the lines between illusion and reality may be blurred–we might fool ourselves that there are no “real” consequences involved with whatever plot we have hatched, but it would not be an accurate belief.

With increasing complexity comes increasing interconnectedness.  We are all part of the same energy field and we must be responsible for what we put into the world–thoughts are things, as the saying goes.  Our ill intent or immediate benefit at the expense of others will have a ripple effect which leads right back to us.  As much as we would like to think otherwise, there will be no escaping the repercussions of our behavior and it will only be a matter of time before everything we have put into the universe echoes back into our lives.

Everything may appear to be more convoluted, but the law of karma, of cause and effect, still applies.  Which way do you choose?

(c) Niconica 2013