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I wish I could say that everything makes more sense as time passes by, but it simply isn’t the case.  The passage of time causes more factors to come into play and it makes everything more complicated.  We live in a world where chaos is the rule of thumb and we must make sense of all the information coming our way a mile a minute, and are faced with the challenge of making decisions at every turning point, hoping that everything might pan out for the best.  There might not be one singular way of handling the intricacies of life but I believe that, without exception, goodness, kindness, compassion and ethics must exist in the core of each choice, in order to make the world more bearable, not only for ourselves but for other people around us.

The many considerations we must endure is not an excuse for selfish behaviour.  We must not sell our souls for the price of one single choice which may cost everything that is dear to us.  As much as there is a temptation to take advantage of others or ensure our own gains, we must not do so at the price of other people’s wellbeing and peace of mind.  This is the only way we can still claim to be not only human, but humane.  We have become desensitized with our exposure to different media and the lines between illusion and reality may be blurred–we might fool ourselves that there are no “real” consequences involved with whatever plot we have hatched, but it would not be an accurate belief.

With increasing complexity comes increasing interconnectedness.  We are all part of the same energy field and we must be responsible for what we put into the world–thoughts are things, as the saying goes.  Our ill intent or immediate benefit at the expense of others will have a ripple effect which leads right back to us.  As much as we would like to think otherwise, there will be no escaping the repercussions of our behavior and it will only be a matter of time before everything we have put into the universe echoes back into our lives.

Everything may appear to be more convoluted, but the law of karma, of cause and effect, still applies.  Which way do you choose?

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For some strange reason, the concept of parallel universes has been appealing to me. I came upon the kindle book Travelling to Parallel Universes by Trish LeSage and it was intriguing however it wasn’t as long as I would have wished.

It contained anecdotes of Trish LeSage’s personal experiences as well as other people’s encounters of travelling to parallel universes as indicated by the title. It then lead me to another more interesting book written by physicist Cynthia Sue Larson and I’m still in the first few chapter but I feel that it delves into the topic more comprehensively than the previous book.

It might be a premature assessment since I have not yet completed the whole book and I have yet to find out how thorough the discussion is regarding reality shifts caused by moving into parallel universes. It sounds quite plausible and congruent with the concepts found in Buddhism regarding co-creation of a fluid reality based on actions which result in karma which manifests eventually which has a lot of concepts similar to quantum physics.

I have experienced a very strange occurrence a few months ago which baffles me to no end. Upon reading Reality Shifts it seems like it could be possible that reality did shift somehow to cause another person to insist that I had said something which I clearly remember I had not said. The other back-up possibilities which I’ve entertained have to do with ghosts, evil spirits, or plain old delusions and hallucinations.

Somehow, the idea of parallel universes and unknowingly shifting into one seems more appealing. I am woefully aware that preferring a certain reality does not translate to it being so but I’m pleased to have encountered these concepts and will continue reading up on them. Who know right?

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A couple of years ago, I began reading Kindle books thinking that it would be a reading back up plan only when the books were not available in physical form and thinking that I would always prefer printed books over books in electronic format.

I believe that having a physical book in one’s hands and having the joy of flipping and smelling (yes) the pages is still one of the more enjoyable experiences in life. However, it seems that my kindle library has increased in size through the years and I’m starting to get the hang of reading books from the comfort of my iPhone screen.

The advantage of a kindle book is that it may be read unobtrusively even when the lights are off or in the dark. It is also convenient to read it while lying on one’s back without worrying about the light source or compromising our eyesight.

The convenience of purchasing with one click from after consulting reviews is just too tempting to resist at times. For an avid reader like myself, the plethora of books available at one’s fingertips just a tap away presents giddy possibilities of more knowledge to read and enjoy.

Running out of physical bookshelves or spaces to store my hard copy books makes reading and purchasing soft copies appealing as well. I’m starting to enjoy the benefits of kindle more and more and I would say that even if the feeling of leafing through actual printed pages is unparalleled, and kindle books cannot match up to that, it makes up for it in other aspects such as accessibility, convenience, and ease.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, we inherit more than a penchant for certain genetic illnesses from our forebears, we might also inherit negative viewpoints and tendencies–such as fear, hatred, anger, or a tendency for passive aggression. It would be a fair assumption that unless we are in the throes of serious depression that we are aiming to improve our lives in one way or the other and before we look at external factors or even other people, we must examine ourselves and the family culture we grew up with.

Even if we have isolated or distanced ourselves from our clan for one reason or another and are luckily free of their direct or immediate influence, we must observe our thoughts and tendencies to see whether we have inherited the legacy of fear which has been transmitted to us in our childhood and which we may have accepted as a natural part of our worldview–and we might not even be consciously aware of this influence upon us, unless we are looking for it.

In an ideal world, our parents and older relatives would be paragons of virtue who only want the best for us and wish us well–they would encourage us to be balanced individuals and believe in ourselves and nurture our talents.  However, aside from a few select fortunate people, this is not the case.  Chances are, our parents and relatives are just but humans with selfish tendencies and weaknesses–far from perfect, and they may consciously or unconsciously transmit their fears, doubts, and anxieties to us whether they like it or not.

We then grow up doubting ourselves and our talents and become corrupted by negative tendencies and plagued by unhappiness. Many of us have grown up in unhealthy emotional environments, and after a period of rebellion, anger, hate, fear, and doubt, we must eventually get over these futile emotions and not use our past as an excuse to wallow in self-pity and spread the legacy of fear to others.

At one point or another, we have experienced attacks on our self-esteem and experienced self-doubt, and it is healthy to the extent that we are not overcome by arrogance but it must be the jumping off point for bigger and better things–striving to overcome ourselves.  We must acknowledge that there are many unhappy and fearful people around us and they may be unconsciously, maliciously, or misguidedly be causing us to doubt ourselves and fear many things because they do not know any better–and because misery does love company.

Upon acknowledging this fact, we must decide whether we will allow ourselves to be bound by their beliefs and their limitations or whether we will strive to improve ourselves and move forward.  What has occurred in the past need not be a reflection or prediction of the future if we do not allow it to be. We must not feed the fear ‘monster’ anymore so that we can be free from it.  We may choose to not let our parents or forebears realities to be our own and we may choose to not let their opinions come into fruition.  We can prove them wrong–when they are being negative.

We can walk into the light, into hope–one step at a time and shake off the fear virus transmitted to us by our upbringing and eventually develop an immune system to conquer or withstand it.  We have the power within us to develop a fear ‘vaccine’ which inoculates us from the disastrous effect of family-transmitted fear and negativity.  Begin now.

(c) Niconica 2013