If we as much as considered the long term implications of our actions, we would not choose to take advantage of anyone.  The eventual backlash that one must inevitably experience when we have gone a step too far and worn out our welcome might not be overtly negative but it might be irreversible.

We may think little of the feelings of the people whom we have chosen to emotionally/financially/psychologically/mentally/physically victimise, and we might even think that they too gullible or stupid to warrant being treated like human beings, but eventually they catch on and we might not have a second chance –whether to rectify or vindicate ourselves or go for a second killing.

They might not be calling us out because they are good souls who do not wish to attract any negative situation to their lives or perhaps they are wise souls who know that people who are opportunistic and selfish are beyond any effort to reach an agreement with.

What we think as their tolerance of our deceit might actually simply be their attempt to ignore or avoid us and minimise our impact in their lives–deeming us inconsequential, while we continue to fancy ourselves as the puppet master and them as pawns in our schemes.

We think we have them in the palm of our hands, while they simply cannot be bothered with correcting us or rectifying the situation and they let us fool ourselves into thinking we have the upper hand whereas in not addressing the situation, they have removed themselves from the game entirely while we waste our time in plotting our next move.

There comes a point when we will be disregarded from their lives completely, without us even anticipating it.  With more patient people, wearing out our welcome may seem to be impossible–but it does get to that point, and when it does, it is final.

If we as much as valued ourselves amply, we must realize that in compromising our integrity and worth for devious mind games, we lose more than we gain–we lose our souls and become little better than predators in search for the next gullible victim.  We cheat ourselves out of genuine and meaningful interactions with people in our hunger for getting ahead.

With our limited and fallible human minds, we see that we are immune to the immediate negative consequences of our actions and instead see the false rewards which come from them, however, every single action does have an equal and opposite reaction (also known as “karma”) and it does catch up with us eventually–and by that time, it will be too late.

Think twice before engaging in any endeavour which would cause us to wear out our welcome with good company.  We might end up in the company of more ferocious human emotional predators and not survive psychologically to tell the tale.

(c) Niconica 2013