Do you ever feel like your life is a series of unintended consequences?  We always try to make the best decision possible, given the circumstances, yet it seems to be that despite our best intentions, our judgement can be flawed more often than not and what results is a series of unintended consequences which we must learn to deal with.  As time passes by, it seems that these results accumulate and we must make the best out of it.  There is no going back and reliving our lives and the only way is forward.

When we were younger–perhaps back in high school–we might have had grandiose delusions that we exercise a sizeable control over our decisions and the outcomes and perhaps this is why rebelling and being headstrong seemed to be the fallback position when we do not get our way.  We wonder at why people in their early thirties onwards seem to be boring and conventional–and yes, cautious.  We thought that caution was uncalled for and it was only for fools–and we were mistaken.

No amount of hearsay or opinion coming our way from these “adults” would dissuade us because we were convinced that we knew better and that we would not find ourselves in the same helpless situations they find themselves in.  We thought that when it came to be our turn to make decisions that we would make better ones and that we won’t become prey to cumulative series of unintended consequences–also known as reality.  And ignorance was bliss, until it wasn’t.

We wish that we knew better now that we look back but it is to no avail because what has been done cannot be undone and we still do not have sufficient knowledge of applied quantum physics to be able to travel back in time and perhaps change the series of events.  We must then live with what has come to pass and attempt to arm ourselves with enough knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be able to handle unfolding life experiences and this includes learning from other people who have been there–elders, teachers, mentors, friends, siblings, parents, and even through books because we simply do not have the time and energy nor the stupidity to experience what-not-to-do firsthand.

And perhaps–just perhaps–we might just have enough luck and wisdom to produce some positive and intended consequences of our own which would not be only towards our own selfish benefit and gain but to benefit others as well.

(c) Niconica 2013