One of the realizations this book has given me is that there are many people with difficult personalities and these purported humans have turned into monsters in the own right and it would save us a world of heartache if we gave them a wide berth and do not attribute their bad behavior to anything that we might have said or done.  They could have been born that way or have gradually transformed into what they are now due to their past experience and it is not our responsibility to rehabilitate, to coddle, or to indulge them by being willing victims to their personality.

It is almost a certainty that they will move on and look for other targets or victims if we do not allow ourselves to be their prey du jour.  They will most likely not be conscientious about the damage that they have inflicted upon us and even if they are “blood relatives” it is no excuse to allow them to emotionally pummel us with their issues.  I highly recommend this book–it is insightful, witty, and helpful.  As I was reading through the different personality types, many such characters in my life have popped up into my head.

As is stated several times in the book, it would be a difficult feat to rehabilitate or to change any of them since their pattern of behavior is already deeply ingrained within the fabric of their psyche and it would be to our benefit to recognize them for who they are and learn to manoeuvre around them and get on with our lives with as little interference or interaction with them as possible.

Two thumbs-up! A highly recommended read!

(c) Niconica 2013