My room is filled with stacks of books where it probably should have other more generally accepted objects such as interesting memorabilia, photos, or  pretty furniture.  I am addicted to reading and since there is a lack of a good public library system here, I resort to scouring book retailers,, and second-hand bookshops for good reads to fill my appetite for reading something new.  I like reading non-fiction more than fiction now than when I was younger.

It is widely said that books provide a thriftier way to travel to another local or an easy way to encounter new experiences.  Given that I am now less of an extrovert and less inclined to be seeking actual adventures via travelling, I value the insights and the knowledge which books provide.  It goes without saying that not all books provide the same intellectually potent fare as others and we must exercise discernment with what we choose to expose our minds to.

Reading new books weekly requires a certain commitment since time and resources are involved with purchasing the book and physically sitting down and focusing on the words.  It is something that I gladly do since I sometimes find that a good book is better company than many other people.  I am not interested in idle gossip or superficial talk, and having selected books which I enjoy provides me an avenue of spending my time instead of seeking other distractions.

Perhaps I could be playing video games more often but nothing catches my interest more than a book.  Movies, music, and video games are also part of the activities which I enjoy but seeing the clutter in my room being book stacks in majority, it illustrates what is important to me.  It is not beyond me to use folded receipts as bookmarks when I jump from one book to another during the course of a week.  I had prepared some bookmarks but they don’t seem to be around when I start a new book–unless they are already in the other books which I’m concurrently reading.

I’m gradually warming up to the idea of electronic books but nothing beats the smell of a new book, and nothing beats the enjoyment of physically leafing through the pages of the book.  I do believe that in the interest of saving the planet and being eco-friendly, electronic books would be the way to go and it would be this way in the future.  However, I suppose I am still old-school when it comes to books in that I like feeling the paper and seeing the words on the printed page as I read.

I cannot imagine going through a day without reading something–anything, even a little bit.  It is almost like a ‘caffeine’ fix but instead it is a book fix.  I fell in love with books ever since I first learned to read at a young age and this obsession shows no signs of abating.  I suppose there are worst things that one can be addicted to.  As my shoe rack is already filled with books, I just need to have more bookshelves or convert my wardrobe into a bookshelf.

Books, books, and more books.  I love books.  I love reading. And I love writing.

(c) Niconica 2013