I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to not care about what other people think but despite being affected by other’s opinions, I still proceed with pursuing my dreams. It is unfortunate when people whose opinions I care about are not pleased with me and there have been times when gaining their respect or approval was utmost on my mind and their criticism paralyzed me but I soon realized that their words were no better or significant than background noise, especially when it was merely destructive to my well-being and improvement.

We all wish for our kin’s approval and in an ideal world, it might happen, but we are all not that lucky. Without the appropriate encouragement and support, are we all to just fall behind on our own progress and let the lack of ideal circumstances get the better of us.

We must proceed on our path whether or not the people around us make way for it or cheer us on and let the naysayers’ babble simply be considered irrelevant background noise as we seek to progress and achieve our dream.

(c) Niconica 2013