We are assaulted by opinions left, right, and center–more so than we have been a few decades ago when there were no such things as ‘status updates’ and ‘tweets’.  Connectivity has its advantages to a certain point.  Being able to voice one’s thoughts and opinions is not license to judge, criticise, or bash other people.  We must not take the privilege of being able to share our opinions beyond common human decency.

As humans, we individually enjoy the fact that we are free and able to make choices to a certain extent, however, there are many occasions when we don’t seem to bestow the same courtesy to others when we pass judgement about their choices and/or their decisions.  Having the constant option to be able to speak our minds does not mean that we need to have opinions about everything–and even if we do, it does not mean that we must assault others with our thoughts–unless explicitly asked.

Is it too much to ask for our default setting to be neutral especially when the decisions or choices of others do not affect us in any direct manner?  Simply observing their lives and being aware of their actions does not confer upon us any right to assume that we have a say in the matter or that our opinions are warranted.  When it comes to personal choices of others, might I suggest that we maintain our default setting of neutrality, especially when their choices have no bearing upon our lives except perhaps for the fact that we have become aware of it or have observed it.

Ideally, we must learn to rejoice in others’ happiness and successes but if this is too much to ask, then we might as well neither rejoice or be negative about their predicament.  When the path of kindness and compassion is too much for us to tread on, we might as well choose the path of non-violence or neutrality.  Gossiping, mocking, and criticising should not be acceptable options.

(c) Niconica 2013