The increasingly fast-paced world of social media has conditioned us to be self-absorbed and self-centric. We are prompted to share our thoughts and feelings via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites as we feel more connected with others as we read their thoughts, feeds, and status updates.  A sense of virtual community emerges somehow, yet at the same time, there is a sense of remoteness which surfaces as we engage with others–friends, acquaintances, or even strangers–via technology.

It is within the crossroads of this ambivalent environment that we might lose sight of the fact that not everything is about us.  Even if we have been influenced by the pervasive preoccupation with sharing our lives, our thoughts, our photos, our feelings, and our random outbursts with people and commenting and like-ing their photos or statuses, it does not mean that every reaction we perceive from others whether virtually or in person reflects reality.  It is all too easy to take everything at face value without considering that other people have a lot going on in their lives too and their status messages or comments, and even actions, do not have anything to do with us.

The is a need to pull ourselves back from the fast-paced world of interaction and remind ourselves not to be so reactive to everything that we see and hear.  It is all too easy to forget the art of being objective and detaching from events as we perceive them because it may be that our perception is erroneous and had we learned to take a step back from acting or reacting upon our perceptions, we might avoid interpersonal mistakes, and/or inconveniences.

(c) Niconica 2013