We have been taught to dissect, analyze, and compute everything to bits since we were young that we may have tended to become more petty and calculating whether or not we realize it. It then behooves us not to lose sight of the big picture when it comes to life: whether in business or in personal stuff, we must always remember that our perspective is not the empirical truth and we may benefit from stepping back and learning to view and appreciate the elements involved in a grander and more cohesive manner.

We may be tempted to maximize our present gains at the expense of establishing trust and goodwill and this would cause our short-lived present victories to be at the expense of our future long term gains. We must remember that what may appear to be advantageous to us may not be for the greater good and we must balance our sense of entitlement with a sense of fairness if we are to have a chance in gaining and keeping the respect of people around us.

Marketing and business strategies are all well and good as long as they remain grounded in the fact that people do not enjoy being deceived and are likely to avoid experiencing being lied to more than once. We must consider that intelligence when not balanced with compassion and kindness becomes a liability instead of an asset despite evidence to the contrary which may appear briefly during the initial stages.

Eventually, we must learn that mutual trust and respect is the only way forward in all our relationships, be it in a personal, romantic, or business setting and this can only be established when we choose to keep our sight on the bigger picture so that we may not stand in our own way and compromise our own future well-being and success.

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